Prayer of quiet same as slain/resting in the Holy Spirit?


Not per se. The Prayer of the quiet is a stage…a kind of infused contemplation.

(Though perhaps there can be some relation)

I agree with Bookcat.

In addition, I would think if there’s a similarity to something in the contemplative realm it would be to ecstasy/rapture . . . not the prayer of quiet.

Dave :slight_smile:

Does anyone have the experience of being slain in the Spirit? Without personally experiencing the resting in the Holy Spirit, I don’t know what it is like. Could one clearly know what’s going on around him but just not be able to move? Or is he oblivious about what’s going on and totally lost in God? Or is he thinking and feeling nothing but only resting? Could anyone shed light?

Hi Inlight -

I can’t speak to being slain in the Spirit but some of what you describe could be part of the phenomena associated with ecstasy.

St. Teresa, in particular, describes this in great detail: a sudden and unexpected sense of being “siezed” by the Lord, often occuring in public and outside of what one might call formal prayer time. The spiritual faculties (intellect, will, memory) are completely captivated/suspended by the Lord. Thinking and reasoning fades, perhaps to non-existence, as the soul is left in a state of rapt wonder. Physical effects are very notable too which is one of the things that differentiates ecstasy from other contemplative states like passive recollection, the prayer of quiet or the prayer of union. Breathing may slow and the limbs could grow cold with the individual having no desire/ability to move. The individual may have no knowledge of people talking to them or touching them as the bodily senses, along with the spiritual, are bound up in the experience. As St. Teresa says, the individual is left as though dead.

There is a wonderful example of this in the movie of St. Teresa’s life. In one scene a nun is simply going about her business and carrying on a conversation with St. Teresa. Then the nun stops when she suddenly realizes St. Teresa is longer responding to her conversation. She turns around and finds St. Teresa more or less frozen in her last position . . . caught up in an unexpected ecstasy.

What I’m describing is a mystical phenomena (not a natural one) and is a very high grace often associated with the 6th mansion of St. Teresa’s “Interior Castle” where extraordinary events like this could coincide with the trials of the night of spirit (Dark Night of the Soul). Interestingly, she also describes this as a kind of spiritual imperfection . . . because the body and soul can not withstand the onslaught of the Lord in the experience. Accordingly, as one moves to the 7th mansion, mystical phenomena like this ceases.

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Dave, thanks for the explanation of ecstasy. :slight_smile:
Still hope to hear anyone who has been slain in the Spirit to share first hand experience.:smiley:

I am by no means any type of mystic or anything but I have been slain in the Spirit at healing masses. It is a rather common occurrance at healing masses, at least the ones I have been to. To answer your question, yes I am conscious of my surroundings while falling down. I am one who does not stay lying down for very long, though. I immediately get back up. I don’t know why most others stay lying down, whether they are “paralyzed” by the Spirit or if they choose to rest in the Lord’s peace and get up later.

Thanks for the reply. I just finished talking to a friend over long distance phone call. She said when she was slain in the Spirit, she was conscious of her surroundings, but she did not pay attention to them. Instead, she was focusing on God and felt deeply loved by God. She said it was like floating on the ocean of God’s love. Just share what I just heard.