Prayer to the Sacred Heart (In Difficult Times)

A Prayer to the Sacred Heart (In Difficulties)

Almighty arms of Jesus before you I come with all my faith
Begging you for comfort in my difficult situation.
Do not forsake me, Good Jesus.
Open your doors in my way
That your almighty arms will open and close as you design,
To give me that tranquility that I so desire.
(Make your petitions for 3 difficulties)
**Oh my God, receiving that supplication from a wounded heart **
that is always fighting for life, With your divine power,
Never let me scramble for want of help
Almighty Jesus, assist me to find shelter in thy
Celestial Country ever.


**Note: **
This prayer starts on a Friday and must continue for 15 days
Make copies and give away for the spread of the devotion.
Each day light a candle while praying, then put it out.
After 15 days let it burn right out.
(only one candle to be used for the whole period).

Every little bit of prayer helps- right?
If you say this prayer- please say a short prayer for me, for the reconciliation of my relationship., and for the grace to accpet God’s will. Also pray for M’s safety. If you are in difficulties you are not alone!

Lord, hear my prayers and all those who come to you!

The prayer itself is lovely - I have a strong devotion to the Sacred Heart, so I’ll be saying it for sure. And to be sure I will pray for you as I do for all who use CAF.

But what’s that bit with the candle? We don’t need a candle to pray nor to have our prayers heard.

Prayers are always ‘unfailing’…it’s just that people don’t realise-‘unfailing’ sometimes mean you don’t get what you want - God will give you what you need. People think unfailing means that you will get exactly what you ask for- it’s a common misconception- as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t matter how you say it- a prayer is a prayer…and it’s always a good thing!

And by the way I was just typing the prayer the same way it was on the pamphlet- I didn’t want to change the words…I can’t explain what the prayer instructs…I’m just the lowly trans-scriber…

’You will get your request’.

I’m not suffering under any misconception or misunderstanding here, it says in so many words that you will get what you ask for, not that you will get what God wills.

I totally agress the wording is LACKING, but as I said that’s what was on teh pamphlet- so I typed it back the same way!