Praying to the saints

I have someone who is trying to tell me that the saints are dead people and we shouldn’t pray to dead people. I tried to explain it the best I could but she wants Bible reference to this. Can anyone help me with this?

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Here are a few article that I think will help you:

Also, as you can imagine this is a topic that quite regularly appears in the various discussion threads, so a search of this topic will bring a lot of helpful results.


Are the saints dead, or are they alive in heaven?

I can ask my grandfather, who has passed from this life, for guidance, and ask him to look down on me and pray for me. We can also do this with other holy people who have passed, who care for us and will help us if they can.

We are not praying to the dead, but speaking to the living! The links that were posted above can probably help. This is a very common misunderstanding.

The links are helpful. Thanks :thumbsup:

I recently had the opportunity to listen to a Lutheran Minister discussing why we should NOT pray to Mary or the Saints. He referenced scripture and presented arguments which were based upon logical interpretations. It occurred to me that there are people much smarter than me on both sides of the debate. I am not smart enough to figure out who is right - EXCEPT - I have found nearly countless examples of people who prayed to Mary or the saints and their prayers were answered. Explain that, Mr. Lutheran Minister!

Funny thing… I have even heard Protestants make statements like “I really felt Grandma’s presence…” or " I know Dad was there in the room with us."

Sad to think of them getting a cold shoulder . . .

Yep. And it shows that somehow, many of them do believe that “dead” people are aware of what is going on “down here.” Theoretically, that’s just a small step to talking to them/asking for their prayers, but a huge gap practically due to what their denominations teach on the subject, which ranges from accusations of necromancy to just objecting that they can’t hear us because their bodies (specifically ears) are lying in the grave.