Pregnancies: Hated Garlic? Boy or Girl?

Hey moms. I am pregnant with baby number 2… I don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl, but so far I have had the same aversion to Garlic that I had with my girl. I have a theory to test that seems to work with all my pregnant friends. Tell me about your experience please! :slight_smile: YOU CAN CHOOSE MORE THAN ONE ANSWER!

Always loved garlic, and that only intensified when I was pregnant with my DD. I even use garlic salt in my scrambled eggs!

The only smell that I hated when I was pregnant, but didn’t mind when I wasn’t was gasoline. I’m almost completely incapable of filling the gas tank in the car while pregnant. Weird.

Wow - never heard that about garlic.I thought that only pertained to vampires?

I cannot remember garlic.
But I hated the smell of food period.
Well what can I say I threw up all through my pregnancy.


I was totally repulsed by garlic in the first trimester. I wonder if it will continue.

Love garlic and enjoyed it with each pregancy. Oh, I have a DD and DS.

Ok, now you have made me think. I hated the smell of pizza. I had a boy. Now, was it the smell of pizza or the garlic smell that comes with it? I don’t know. I do know that I could NOT walk into a Pizza Hut.

I have always loved garlic whether I was pregnant (boy or girl) or not.

I don’t like garlic right now either, and I’m still just a few weeks pregnant. Everything is making me sick!

I didn’t have an aversion to garlic but I couldn’t stand the smell of eggs. My dislikes and likes didn’t seem to have anything to do with the gender of my child though. :slight_smile:

With my oldest son, I couldn’t stand the sight of leafy green vegetables. With my second it was chili. I don’t remember what aversion I had with my daughter, but all three times the sight of raw meat would make me start retching. In order to buy meat for dinner, I would stand with my back to the meat counter while my husband chose the roast. In subsequent years, whenever I thought I might be pregnant, I’d go look at the meat counter to see my reaction. Sort of a free pregnancy test.

Garlic never bothered me in any of my three pregnancies neither boy nor girl .

Loved garlic, and all food in general (humm, that’s maybe why I gained 50 pounds each time?) all three pregnancies.

It was the heartburn afterward that nearly killed me. I am surprised I didn’t get a kidney stone from all of the antacids I was eating!

Always hated garlic so I can’t comment on that…

However, I’ve heard that if you want salty foods = girl

Sweet foods = boy

(or do I have that backwards?) Maybe someone else has heard this also?

Also… heartbeat around 150 = girl
130 = boy

So far the results don’t look too convincing either way!

I’m begining to feel sad now (I guess an evil jealousy) because I LOVE garlic accept when I’m pregnant. I am torturing the people I love. I can’t walk into my mom’s house for 2 days after she’s cooked spaghetti, pizza, lasagna, etc. And I can even smell it on people even if they only ate some croutons in their salad earlier. I have to convince people I really smell it because they think I’m NUTS. If I eat out I take a chance, and I have to tell everyone I visit not to use garlic… It’s so rude! But I CAN’T be near it. I think my problem is that even when I’m not pregnant I have always had an excellent since of smell… so when I’m pregnant it is raised to bomb sniffing dog classification. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll keep you posted if it’s a boy or a girl (I think we find out late Oct.)