Proper Disposal of Cursed Objects

Unfortunately, I have some objects that I know someone had said some evil prayers upon and I greatly suspect demonic attachment to these objects. I know this person even created small rectangular objects that act as “protective shields” that a person can easily carry with them with his own evil prayers inside of these shields to “protect” the wearer from spiritual harm and whatnot. What would be the best way to dispose of these items so that no one else may get a hold of them, and also so I don’t (if it’s possible) release the demons that may be attached to these items?

Also, I had heard somewhere that one should not burn Ouji boards. Does anyone know why? And would this reason be the same for any object that may have demonic attachments to it?

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Break the Onjii board, smash the rest with a hammer. If they belong to you. If not, do not destroy them, because that is destruction of someone else’s property; in such a case, pray for the poor soul, and you will soon see God’s Mercy. The destruction of cursed objects dose not destroy the spirits but rather render the objects ineffective to human use, so that no spirits may take possession over the user.

I read that it is best to bury such objects, not burn them. :signofcross:

Thanks for the responses.

Believe it or not, I actually have some of these “protective shields” that someone had given to me. So I think I’ll try to sprinkle holy water on them first, and then cut them up or smash them, and then bury them. If anyone thinks that’s a bad idea, please let me know.

Also, I know someone else who had broken a laptop out of anger, and the person who he was with at the time (who’s kind of a psychic - or at least truly believes she can feel when great evil is around and just “knows” ), said that the evil spirits/demons that were attached to it had entered him or possessed him afterwards. Is that possible after breaking such an item as a cursed item? And if he did get possessed, would there be any easy way of getting rid of the demons possessing him (besides an exorcism)?

As a former neopagan, I have a handful of such things which are currently consigned to the cupboard under my sink. I’ve been just not thinking about them for the months which have elapsed since the beginning of my conversion. This thread reminds me that I really should dispose of them in a more permanent fashion.

I had a book on rebuking the evil one which was supposedly Catholic but in reality was dangerous since it was telling lay people that it was ok to directly rebuke the evil one. I was concerned about it and brought it to a priest of the Fraternity of Saint Peter and I gave it to him to take a look at it.

When he thumbed through the prayers he said it was not a good book and said to get rid of it. I asked him how and he just took it from my hands and threw it into the garbage and then said “that’s how”. LOL :stuck_out_tongue: The priest is of the mindset that the evil one was an angel who had fallen, so he is a created creature whose power is NOT greater than that of Our Lord Jesus Christ nor equal to it. **He said not to give more power to the evil one that “it” does not have. God is in charge. **

I would just break the objects and throw them into the garbage, then I would make a good confession to stay in a state of grace and be done with it. The exorcist Father Euteneuer said that no one whose is in a state of grace can be attacked by the evil one. Always remember that.

God’s peace be with you always. :slight_smile:

From the Saint Pio Center for Spiritual Warfare:

Procedure to Destroy Occultic or Cursed Objects (pdf file)
Any occultic or cursed objects in one’s possession must be destroyed. These items should not be given away or merely thrown away. This Procedure details how to do that properly and safely.

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Thanks again to all the replies! :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the info, beckycmarie! ^___^

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:thumbsup::thumbsup: It would seem like you believe in that kind of rubbish if you followed rituals to destroy something like that. break it and throw it in the garbage.

I heard on the Catholic Answers Live radio program recently that the apologist-host recommended to a caller to just hand the items over to a priest.

talk to your priest about the best way to dispose of them…if you are worried im sure he would happily dispose of them for you

Is there any evidence from the bible, church history, or the lives of the saints, that evil spirits can attach themselves to inanimate objects?