Proper Musical Setting for EF Wedding

Hello all!

DF and I are set to be married on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart next year, and the Mass of Thanksgiving will be offered in the Extraordinary Form! (oh huzzah and excitement!)

The parish where I attend the EF only offers the Holy Sacrifice as a Low Mass. They occasionally have a High Mass, but only when a choir can be imported. I have yet to speak with father about a Missa Cantata or High Mass for the Mass of Thanksgiving, but having spoken with him before, I am sure he will agree if a choir can be obtained for the day of the wedding.

Not knowing if the choir has done a Missa Cantata for a Nuptial Mass of Thanksgiving in the EF, what musical setting(s) is usually used? I found the Mass of Angels, but didn’t know if this was appropriate for a Nuptial Mass of Thanksgiving.


I am curious about why you refer to the Nuptial Mass as “Mass of Thanksgiving.” Every Mass is in a sense a thanksgiving, as that is what the word Eucharist means. But you use the terms so many times, it seems to suggest that it is something else.

Yes,* Missa de Angelis* can certainly be the musical setting for a Nuptial Mass. It was for mine!

In the EF, the Rite of Marriage occurs before the Mass begins, thus the Mass is offered as a votive Mass, or Mass of Thanksgiving (unless of course I have, yet again, mixed up my terms)

OK, now I understand what you mean. There is a Votive Mass Pro Sponso et Sponsa, and that is the Mass used in the EF for a wedding.

Congratulations and best wishes!

My wife and I were married at a Missa Cantata last summer. We left all this to Father and the schola director–they knew how to do beautiful weddings already. We did, however, have to meet with the organist to select a couple of pieces for the two processions and the offeratory/going to the Mary altar.

Hopefully that is all you’ll have to do. I really liked how in the traditional nuptial Mass everything is standardized that way.

That’s a list of all of the Kyriale’s and when they get used.
I’m not quite sure what a Nuptial Mass would be considered, but I’d go with Feast. So V through VIII (de Angelis probably being the most well known) are probably the ones you’d want to look at.

Obviously there’s much more than just that, but it’s a start.

Also, if you can find a choir who’s done EF Nuptial Masses, then they’ll probably give you an idea of what’s appropriate and what to choose from.