Protests over Garner's death turn violent in Berkeley

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I’m all for peoples right to protest, but if they want to throw bricks, then they should face felony charges, and if that interferes with there class schedule, tough.

What do they gain for their cause by throwing bricks through store windows and destruction of property?


Exactly, they just look like lunatics in my book destroying property to protest.

They look like dumb lunatics in my book. :shrug: :confused:

Why are students in Berkeley, California throwing bricks through stores in Berkeley, California to protest to death of someone in NYC? I mean, even if the worst is true, i.e. racist cops specifically targeting an black man, how does breaking windows 3000 miles away help?

A black man was trying to make a few dollars selling cigarets when the American police come and choke him to death? Why do Americans think that a black man should be choked to death for selling a few packages of cigarets? And when students protest the grand jury decision, the American police then try to suffocate them with poison gas. Why don’t Americans solve the human rights issues in the USA before going around and lecturing other countries about human rights?

Sigh — yet another post trashing the USA, over the death of one person (which a jury has declared to be not a crime), while, ignoring the truly horrible human rights histories of, say, nations like those in Africa that still allow legal slavery; mutilate the genitals of women, etc.

Poison gas? You might, just might want to tone down your rhetoric just a little.

So it is OK for the American police to use poison gas on people who are opposed to choking a man to death for selling a few cigarettes? Lachrymatory agents, such as the gas used in Berkeley by the American police can cause
Chemical burns, allergic contact dermatitis, eye injuries including scarring of the comea leading to blindness, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, coughing, gagging, nausea and vomiting, serious damage to the eyes, skin and lungs, swelling of the eyes, blindness, severe burns on the skin and respiratory arrest. It is possible to die from tear gas exposure, usually caused by respiratory failure. People who have heart conditions, asthma or other breathing problems are especially susceptible to death from tear gas exposure.

So it is not a crime in America for a white police officer to choke a black man to death for selling a few cigarettes?

No, Tomdstone, it is not a crime: So says a (grand) jury of the officer’s peers, who heard the evidence (including the evidence the news media doesn’t report).

As I always say in these instances: Why would we trust the opinions of the news media or protesters (who have an animus, either to sell newspapers or to make a political point) over the jury that heard all the direct evidence and voted not to indict?

And I would ask again – why trash the USA, as opposed to, say, nations that allow slavery; the mutilation of women’s genitals, and various other forms of human rights abuses?

If the police have to use tear gas to break up a crowd that is destroying property or resorting to violence-I guess that is up to them.

For those who hate police or don’t support it I hope you read the link above, it’s a very good read and ask everyone to read it.

I find it funny seeing people on here that we are too militarized. I mean seriously? When’s the last time you’ve seen us patrolling a neighborhood in an armored tank? The last time you saw us walking neighborhood streets or downtown areas with rifles and Kevlar helmets? You think we are too militarized because we can wear external vest holders and allowed to have our rifles in our NON-ARMORED vehicles?

I mean seriously people are any of you here officers? Do you know what it feels like to be surrounded by angry mobs just because you are there to help someone who has just gotten shot? When’s the last time any of you, other the military, have ran towards the sound of gunfire?

Most of us are not here to be racist and beat up people regardless what media tells you, Don’t be sheep to the media, Catholics of all people should know this! Remember a couple years ago our clergy were being painted as rapist and pedophiles? Yet we knew better!

Our uniforms and gear change and evolve, the days of “Andy Griffith” never existed!!

Second night of violence in Berkeley

No it’s not ok for American law enforcement to use poison gas. In fact, it’s against US law and against several international treaties the US has signed. That’s one of the reasons US law enforcement doesn’t actually use poison gas. What may be confusing you is your ignorance over what is and what is not poison gas. Perhaps you should review the appropriate literature on poison gas. Doing so should clear up your ignorance on the subject.:thumbsup:

Ad hominem argument does not address the reactions that can occur from tear gas. Further does not address the question of choking a black man to death because he sold a few cigarettes. Does not address the real life version of Harper Lee’s To Kill a
Mockingbird, where innocent black people get wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit.

Ad hominem argument does not address the reactions that can occur from tear gas. Further does not address the question of choking a black man to death because he sold a few cigarettes. Does not address the real life version of Harper Lee’s To Kill a
Mockingbird, where innocent black people get wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit.

Let’s see,

NYPD, is a minority-majority organization.

Those who took Mr. Garner down was not an all-white squad, the man who put the hold on him sounds like he has an Italian name. Yes, in the history of the US, sometimes Italians were not treated as quite your average white person. One of the officers looks to have a Far-East Asian heritage.

Real-life situation too, is to act submissive to the police and this was out on the street, not down some dark road.

Pepper spray certainly can make one think of poisonous gases, perhaps that methodology would work in some of these cases.

That “innocent” black man had thirty (30) arrests on his record. When the police confronted him he refused to compy with their requests. You may not like it but facts are facts. Note also that the police were under the direct authority of a sergeant who happened to be a black woman so the racial angle really doesn’t withstand scrutiny

There is an excellent article today on detailing how garner’s obesity was the true cause of his suffocation. His larynx was uninjured; usually the larynx is crushed when someone is suffocated.

As to the use of tear gas against protesters, tom, it seems you are in actuality complaining about the fact that it was used on protesters and they turned out to has severe reactions to it. Oh well: as between lawless protesters and police officers sworn to uphold the law, I’ll trust the police to do the right thing a lot more than I would trust the protesters. Don’t want to have tear gas used on you? Don’t get caught up in a violent “protest” aka riot.