Psychiatric Association Supports Gay Marriage

The statement supports same-sex marriage “in the interest of maintaining and promoting mental health.”

It follows a similar measure by the American Psychological Association last year, little more than three decades after that group removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders.

Let’s see. First it was a psychological disorder, then suddenly, it wasn’t. Now, same sex marriage promotes mental health. Give them a little more time and they will recommend pedophile/kid marriage. After all, sex is good for everybody, right?

now disappointed with psychology, I’m wondering what neurologists say.:wink:

Psychology is an art, not a science. And the APA is a political organization. This really comes as no surprise.

“We are bringing them the plague”

–Sigismund Freud on the liner George Washington en route to lecture at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts (1909)

If gay “marriage” is a matter of common sense, then why hasn’t it ALWAYS been considered a natural type of marriage? In other words, before all of this nonsense, there were no legal prohibitions against gay “marriage” but now people are trying to make it “legal.” If the term “marriage” implicitly included gay marriage, then SOMEWHERE in the world at SOMETIME in our history, it should be evident.

But it is not evident ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. This can only lead to two conclusions:

  1. No society in the known history of planet Earth has ever thought marriage included same sex unions. Or…

  2. No society in the known history of planet Earth has ever thought marriage included same sex unions and was not completely and utterly wiped out of existence.

Take yer pick.

In the larger realm of real science, there is still hope. This link is to a Godspy (a favorite Catholic site of mine) article on a change in attitudes regarding sex changes. The author argues that the operation did nothing to help the patients, but only exacerbated their disorder:

Two very excellent points. Ancient Greco-Roman culture accepted homosexuality as a “norm”, but there is no evidence that homosexual “marriage” was practiced.
The only reason why we are even having to deal with the problem of “gay marriage” is due to the sin of greed. It’s all about money & has nothing to do with human rights or equality.

I heard on the radio about a year or so ago that some in this so-called profession are already going in that direction on pedophilia.:banghead:


It keeps them in business.

It was the psychologists, now the psychiatrists have fallen as well. Both groups should stick with authentic science, not politics.

I work in this area, and have found, in a general way that most of the psychiatrist are atheist or agnostic and liberal. On the positive side,psychiatrists have a great deal of compassion, sincerely wanting the best for every human. Perhaps their views come from working day to day with the dregs of society and seeing their struggles and an unempathetic society. I once attended a lecture on psychiatry and spirituality. The attendance was poor at best. Many of those who did come gave the lecturerer a difficult time. Sometime we will find that science and spirituality support one another. After all, science seeks truth. God is truth. The more science honestly seeks, the more God will become obvious!

Love and peace in Christ,

At the risk of being flamed, but maybe L. Ron Hubbard was onto something when he trashed modern psychology in his book Dianetics.

Pretty soon they will classify those who don’t agree with homosexuality as with a “mental disorder.” (i.e. us)

I am waiting for them to classify anyone who dogmatically accepts everything the Catholic Church teaches as having Obsesive Compulsive Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia.

You’ve got to be crazy to be a psychiatrist.

Well, then, I’ll be looking forward to meeting all of you in the mental institution! :wink:

Lets not be too judgemental. There are good psychiatrist who use the science to treat neurotransmitter emballances, and help people who otherwise couldn’t, live a normal life. Those with mental disorders are among the marginalized of todays society. People avoid them like a plague. Thus, good psychiatrist are desperately needed. They, just need to understand and encorporate God into their worldview to fully help these patients.

Love & peace in Christ,

Yes, that is true. These professional associations tend to be pagan and relativistic in there positions.

I understand that in Canada it’s now “hate speech,” and against the law. Now if speaking out against homosexual conduct were a psychiatric disorder, one could plead the insanity defense. . .

My point exactly!