Pussycat Dolls Singer Laments Past Abortions

What a courageous woman. A powerful witness. :pray:

Abortion hurts women, and this story proves it.

Former Pussycat Dolls singer Kaya Jones recently spoke with “Speak Out” series host Christine Yeargin of Students for Life.

The 38-year-old singer and model described her past abortions as “painful beyond measure” and something she will never get over.

Jones tells the story of her three abortions: one at 16, another while a member of the Pussycat Dolls, and again after she was raped at age 30.

She even explains why there should not be exceptions for rape and/or incest cases.

“I’ve gone through it all. I assure you, you will regret it your whole life,” she emphasizes. “Even if I become a mother tomorrow and am happily married, I’m still going to regret the three children I did not have.”

Jones experienced major medical complications following her second and third abortions. She adds that she is single and no longer sexually active.

“I’m single and celibate and I don’t want to use birth control that I know harms my body. I don’t want to put myself in another situation where I’ve not accepted the fruit from heaven, which is children. Children are a gift from God.” Jones explains.

“I hope to one day be a mom, to be a wife, and to be able to share what I believe is the greatest gift, and ultimately, the greatest job you will ever have on this planet as a woman…to be a mother.”


sadly, many women these days who doesn’t even love their own babies…

They convince themselves that it is not a human life yet. (There would be many variations on that theme, e.g., that it may be potentially human, but not such that its life cannot be taken.) Bottom line, the pregnancy is not wanted, and our society is only too happy to enable the ending of it.

The only solution is to reserve sexual relations for marriage, and to be open to the possibility of new life — NFP can and does fail, not often if it’s used correctly, but there is always that possibility — even within a marital relationship.

for me, we can read this as:

“they’re just try to find EXCUSES so they can do whatever lust they have and have sex whatever they want it, without consequences”

Well, there’s no getting around the biology of it, if a couple has relations, and if the woman is fertile (and the man is capable of producing his element), there can always be a conception, and in these cases, the conception is unwanted. Human nature rightly recoils from killing a baby. So they have to adjust reality in their minds, and think of it as something else.

There are cases where the couple readily acknowledges that it is a human life, but sees the need to take it for some grave reason — I’m not saying that the end justifies the means, just recognizing that not all abortions are simply in response to inconvenient or unwanted pregnancies. To say, for instance, “the baby will die within a few minutes of birth anyway”, “continuing the pregnancy will kill the mother (and possibly the child too)”, or “the baby has some horrible defect”, is a whole different thing from saying “I’m pregnant and that will mean I will have to have a child I don’t want (or can’t keep, or whatever)”. Again, not justifying, just noting the distinction.

Far better to wait until marriage, and even within marriage, to be open to the possibility that a new life could be created, and to be willing to accept whatever comes with that. Not being open to the latter, as well, comes smack-dab on a collision course with reality when a pregnancy does occur. If a couple absolutely cannot consider the possibility of having an unwanted pregnancy, then they shouldn’t get married. No one has to get married, but if you do, you take on that risk. And not many people want to live in celibate Josephite marriages.

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