Question about receiving ashes....

This is my 2nd Ash Wednesday… please refresh my memory… when they put the ashes on my head, am I supposed to say anything? (like Amen?)

I who am old with very little memory as it has been pointed out to me more than once have never said a thing.

:wave: How is the baby? And you how are you doing I have not seen you much here lately.

I’d say just listen to what the people ahead of you in line are doing - if you follow the leader you can’t go wrong :thumbsup:

Nope, you say nothing.

got it. thanks. :slight_smile:

The baby is wonderful. She was baptized last Sunday - my first Catholic child from the get-go. :slight_smile:

She prefers to be held so that explains why I haven’t been on too much. Four kids seemed so easy… FIVE kids… now THIS is hard! I suppose it’s all a matter of adjustment… that, and a good night’s sleep wouldn’t hurt either! :yawn:

I was told im my RICA classes that you “may” say Amen after recieving the ashes. So im guessing its optional? :confused:

We were told to say “I will” or “I will try” in response to the Priest.

We were told to say “I will” or “I will try” in response to the Priest.

That wouldn’t work here, as the phrase the priest uses is “you came from dust, and to dust you will return.” No “I will” in that one. I forget the other option, since they never say it around here but as I recall it says something about sins, and not sinning, so I guess “I will” would be logical, but generally, you should say nothing.

This was what the priest/Eucharistic minister said when distributing ashes

“Will you turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel?”

To which you replied, I will or I will try :thumbsup:

Ourst didn’t pose it as a question, but rather a directive:

Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel.

Like a sending away thing, similar to how the priest says, “Go and sin no more” after absolution. It can be viewed as a directive or as a blessing, I suppose.

But yeah, if it had been posed as a question I’m sure I would have responded “yes.”