Randomly smelling incense?

Does anyone else randomly smell incense sometimes when they pray? I haven’t been to a mass with incense in weeks, and I’ve washed all my clothes since then. Strange, yet awesome.

I have, during the day, and straight out of the blue. It rarely happens, though.

Does it have a floral smell? I know that if it smells like flowers, it is said that the Blessed Mother is around you.

I have smelled the Virgin Mary’s roses once while alone in my house one time. My mom then got home and smelled it too. We started sniffing religious objects we had around the kitchen/living room area to see where the smell was coming from and finally found it had come from a picture of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus hanging up above my kitchen counter. We then proceeded to pray a Hail Mary, and after we were done the smell had gone away.

For weeks after the incident I always went up to that picture and sniffed it, hoping to smell the roses once more, but it never happened again after that one time.

Actually, yes, I have smelled incense when praying. I, too, found it odd but awesome :smiley:
I especially notice it during a good session of meditation.

I don’t know if it signifies anything in particular, though.

I too have been smelling incense randomly. Shortly after asking God for a sign that he is with me. I am so happy that others have had this experience as well.

I too have had the same experience more than a few times and like to think its the Holy Spirit in the room or angelic hosts.

Enjoy it as i think it is a good thing.:wink:

Thank you. I really needed to hear that:) God Bless!

A couple years ago when my faith was much stronger than it is now I had an anointing of the sick done, and for weeks after that I kept smelling the chrism on my skin, on my clothes, in my Bible. Was it that I just got chrism all over the place because I am a slob?.. :wink:

I knew God was right by me during that struggle in my life. It was very comforting to have such a thing happen during a difficult time.


I have smelt certain odors pertaining to a person I have known who wasn’t present with me at time of smelling the odor. I haven’t smelt it during pray, normally during mundane chores.

I have learnt from these experiences that those people I have smelt have either died or are in the end stages of dying. Perhaps if this odor returns then pray the Eternal Rest Prayer. It hasn’t failed me yet and I no longer smell that particular odor.

God Bless

Wow,so funny! Yes, I have!

What a wonderful experience. Not experienced anything like that myself.

I have read about people smelling a lovely perfume when they have prayed to St Padre Pio.

I would love to experience the closeness of Our Lord etc. I am sure he listens to me and knows that I love him very dearly and whole heatedly.

I live in a home that had a great deal of hauntings. One of the spirits here was an unclean one and it caused a great deal of duress for our family. We were having family rosary, burning holy candles, and annointing everything in the house constantly. Before the priest came to clean the house we smelled Chrism twice, and we smelled roses a few times very close to where we were sitting. After that we found we had only a few spirits in the house and after the house blessing the house was clear. So I think the Holy Spirit came and took away some of the spirits which were lost in the house and the roses was Our Lady who I believe rid us of the unclean spirit.

I was Blessed one day while I was feeling really down, I prayed earnestly and the house I was in filled with the scent of roses and a feeling of peace came over me…

I have experienced the random smelling of incense and flowers, and it brings me a great deal of joy when that happens. With my increased prayer life over the Lenten season, it just might happen again!