RCIA-paperwork lost, again

I feel discouraged.

I’ve been trying to convert for several years. My paperwork keeps getting lost. I’ve been given the wrong forms. Now I find out some paperwork that was supposed to have been sent to the diocese in January wasn’t sent and won’t be until next Monday. Zero chance it will be done in time for Easter Vigil.

A friend told me (yes, gossip) that the church employee in charge has told a couple of people in regards to “certain candidates/catechumens,” “we don’t need any Obama-voting, cafeteria Catholics.” So hubby is burning up, thinking this person is sabotaging my paperwork. This person perhaps assumes s/he knows me and knows my political beliefs based upon how I voted in 2008.

So what was, finally, a done-deal, going through Easter Vigil, turned into, Sunday morning, being told there is a very, very small chance I’ll come into full communion with the RCC April 4th. Naturally, I burst into tears. The only person who handles the paperwork is on vacation for another week. I think I’m going to calm down, make an appointment with our rector, and see what can be done.

This just isn’t cool. It’s not for this person to say. It is between me and God. God has strongly led me to the Church. He’s not going to bring me and my husband and four children for some nefarious reason. :frowning:


Sorry for dumping my drama on y’all.



I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult time of it. RCIA isn’t a set in stone process, as I understand it, and if you’ve been working through the process for several years, I see no reason why they would make you wait another year, paperwork or not.

Certainly speak to the pastor of your church ASAP. I will include you in my prayers and hope that you can get everything sorted so that you can come into the Church this Easter as you hope.

Thank you!!! :hug3:

I’m also scheduled to be baptised into the Church this Easter, so I understand your anguish at the thought of waiting another year.

I’m not sure if we are simply blessed with an extraordinarily accommodating RCIA program, but I can tell you that a few of my fellow candidates and catechumens have had to navigate a lot of obstacles in their personal lives in order to get through the program. Our leaders have worked with each of them to ensure they were able to come into the Church with the rest of the group (even moving up the Rites of Acceptance and Election at the parish so one catechumen who would be absent for several months could attend). I can’t imagine that some accommodation would be impossible in your case.

Have you talked directly with your pastor? It sounds like it’s past time to make an appointment with him.

Doing that today.

Everything was fine. The annulment finally went through in December so the day I got the paperwork in the mail I called (paperwork still in my hand!) and made an appointment for our radical sanation. The sanation was in January. As hubby and I left the office Deacon said, “I’ll have the paperwork mailed in the morning.”

I found out a couple of days ago the deacon “could not find” my husband’s baptismal certificate (probably the third copy they’d been given), and hadn’t even yet mailed the paperwork to the diocese. He’s on vacation another week.

The fellow at the diocese who does this is there a couple of days a week. I was told the wait is 3-4 weeks at best. (I just called.) And “at this time of year, that’s a stretch.”

Yikes! I’m gobsmacked, folks. This was a done deal.

If your Pastor feels you are ready to be received into full communion, he can do that as soon as the paperwork is received. It can be done at any time during the year.

He does feel I am. I’m certified to teach Bible classes and have. I’m just feeling hurt that this has happened. I’m at the point I want to confront this person and ask why he felt the need to continue to sabotage my entrance.

This is horrific. Speak with your pastor now. And be firm but respectful. If what you describe is true the RCIA director needs to be removed. You should be able to enter the church anytime after Easter if the paperwork is slow.

Praying for you.

If your annulment just came in December maybe give them the benefit of the doubt that this was an innocent oversight. They should have been more on top of it but hopefully they aren’t intentionally blocking you.

Keep pushing to get everything done, and I’m sure it will all work out.

Trying to, but there’s a big difference between a January meeting and being told, “This takes a few weeks so I’m putting this in the mail in the morning” and “I think I’ll wait until two weeks until Easter.” Kinda odd. :cool:

I sympathize with you plight. I think you are on the right path by talking to your pastor. They have resources that the office personnel can’t simply tap into, what I mean is they can call the people in charge of that particular office at the diocese and get things done. It’s possible that if he is on the case he can get paperwork taken care of in a few days that the other person says will take 3-4 weeks.

If by chance it isn’t taken care of by Easter, the priest with permission of the bishop, could confirm you after Easter. If that isn’t an option maybe you could travel to your cathedral and having the bishop do the confirmation.



It’s currently a no-go.

Just got off the phone.

We’re looking at May. Since I have completed RCIA four times, there is no need to petition the Bishop and when the paperwork is complete and filed and “everyone at the parish is in agreement” the deacons and priest will set a weekend Mass date for me.

I have cried buckets. My sponsor won’t be there now. I had family coming in at Easter. I had gotten so excited. I feel like such a shrew for complaining. Now I can’t even bring myself to be excited because, as I have for years, wonder, “Gee, what will be the next hang up?”

The sad thing is, I told my husband, which I shouldn’t have, but had to, since he was coming to Easter Vigil. Now he’s angry and this isn’t helping him with the chip on his shoulder. (He tells people he’s a "recovering Catholic. He and his family are basically “CINOs.”)

Welp, May is better than never! Still entitled to a Catholic funeral this point. I know that sounds morbid, but that gives me a lot of peace, in case something happens! :thumbsup:

I will keep you in my prayers, I just found out myself this past weekend that I won’t be able to come into the Church this Easter with my son. I understand the sadness and frustration.

Hugs and blessings

Ugh! So sorry. :hug1:

I’m sorry. :frowning: I can understand why your husband needs to be “recovering”. I guess keep reminding him that even The Church is filled with people who sin and make mistakes. If that weren’t the case, we wouldn’t need her, right?

A friend told me (yes, gossip) that the church employee in charge has told a couple of people in regards to “certain candidates/catechumens,” “we don’t need any Obama-voting, cafeteria Catholics.”

But you do believe everything the Church teaches dogmatically, correct? They shouldn’t be putting you through all these hoops, but acceptance of what the Church teaches is a requirement for receiving communion.

That comment was based upon him hearing from someone that I had a campaign rally photo from '08 on my Facebook page. He never sat down with and expressed any concerns. I called him recently and he said, “Forgive me if I don’t bend over backwards for someone who may or may not even stay in the Church.”

We talked for a while. He was very surprised, and very somber and apologetic. He had made assumptions about me and about my husband. He had no idea we are pro-life. No idea how many friends I’ve lost or grief I’ve gotten from family when I chose Catholicism. He had no idea how excited I’d been about joining. I cried in his office and I think he truly felt sorry.

I just got word.

I’m in.

I… I don’t know what to think. So. Many. Emotions.

Prayers for all the RCIA folks who cannot come in just yet. Wish I could hug all of you!!! :grouphug:

What wonderful news! I’m so happy for you!

Just goes to show that all you need to do is put your faith in God. I know it will be such a wonderful experience for you. You’ll be in my prayers!