Ready for martyrdom - but what if family members are in danger?

Hi folks,
considering some recent devellopements especially in Europe (UK!) but also in America I am especting to be still alive (I’m 17) when it might be possible again in the West to honour God’s name through martyrdom.
That’s o.k. for me (I even kinda desiring it (sure place in heaven, why not).
But what to do if they say: Leave your faith / convert to religion xy (e.g. islam), or we’ll kill your family, or even thousends of people if you don’t apostize / convert.
What to do in this case?

PS: Sorry for my grammatical and orthographical mistakes …

God bless you with continued zeal for His Name, Ulrich. What to do? Pray for perseverence in the Faith and surrender yourself to Him. May we all be found faithful in times of trials great and small. :crossrc:

Easy to say now, but the way to really stand firm in the hour of trial is to develop the life of Christ here and now as much as you can, loving God and loving your neighbor and seeking God as much as you can. This will over time draw you to practice self-denial, mortification and fasting to renounce the flesh. The one who is faithful in the small things they can do will be faithful when called to endure great trials like martyrdom or the loss of a family in a car accident, or receiving a severe disease, or any number of other awful things that can happen.

Focus on living your life for God now and develop all the virtues through prayer and effort. This will require sacrifice but you will only be able to offer big sacrifices if you can first offer small sacrifices. Small sacrifices can often feel hard to make, very hard, and attempting these suddenly brings our limits right up in front of our noses. But we only need to develop the life in Christ one step at a time; we aren’t required to be anything more than babies now while we are babies. We are required to give God as much as we can, and rely on Him prayerfully to develop in us the rest of what He desires us to be.

This is the way to prepare for martyrdom or anything in life in the way God wants you to. Seek Him, pray that He develop in you the virtues and pray this systematically and constantly, and practice self-denial and sacrifice in small things as you feel the Spirit leading you.

We need to draw near God as much as we can where we are so that we will stand firm to the end.

You stand firm in your faith no matter what. Trust in God. He would protect your family or let them die for Him depending on His will. Their fate would be in His hands, just as yours is. The same with the thousands of people; Islamists would not be in control of their fate. God alone would be, for He controls all things with omnipotent power.

There is no excuse good enough to justify breaking the First Commandment.

Then there will be many martyrs instead of one, you will all go to heaven together and God’s glory will be all the greater. Many of the martyrs faced similar choices, read the story of St. Sophia and her daughters to see how to prepare for and act in such an eventuality.

If you aim to get all you family to heaven in the first place as it should be there is no conflict of interest.


Pray to know the Will of God, in your desire to become a martyr for your faith and the impact on your family. Choosing to live, but willing to die for God shows your true Love for Our Lord and his Church. God Bless :sad_yes::crossrc:

Peace & all good

Thank you very much for your great advises!!

I suggest second Maccabees chapter seven. It covers what is expected very nicely.


I’m so glad God develops our union with Him over time rather than expecting everything of us when we’re infants. He gives us the grace to obey in the hour of trial, unless we have rejected Him or failed to seek Him with devotion beforehand, and so lost the opportunity to receive His gifts.

Still can not…the end does not justify the means…

but it best not to try to imagine such senerios in advance… just pray you will always be faithful…

for one will get the grace then. not now.

read St. Thomas More …

One of the things that God NEVER wants us to do is to go finding trouble when it is not there.

Do you know the story of the Isralites in the desert?

They wandered for 40 years on a trip that could of taken 11 days…that’s right 11 DAYS!!!:eek:

When they saw the promised land…the one that GOD HIMSELF had promised…they grew frightened of the “giants” inhabiting the land. They GAVE UP on God and despaired. They said they’d rather die in the desert than fight these people. And so they did!!!

It took God 40 years before the people opened their hearts enough for God to work. And quite frankly, they didn’t even open their hearts VERY MUCH…just a little, little bit. And God was finally able to bring about the miracle of the promised land.

Don’t look at the giant, scary inhabitants of the land of milk and honey and despair. God keeps his promises. He will win even when it looks to us to be a failure.

Stay close to Him.