Report: "Detroit Archdiocese Vs. LGBT Catholics: No More Church Masses Or Group Events"

see Deadline Detroit | Detroit Archdiocese vs. LGBT Catholics: No more church masses or group events

“Both groups and clergy received letters earlier this year from Auxiliary Bishop Gerard Battersby, warning them they are no longer welcome in the Archdiocese because they advocate policies that he said clash with church doctrine on sexuality.”

"One of the homosexual groups involved said “We refuse to be silenced and will continue our ministry in the Archdiocese.”

Yep. Familiar with this. More than a few priests are sympathetic to them and have said Mass there. Sad.


Praise God for Bishops and priests that stand with the Church and don’t bend to the Spirit of thr Age!


The article is misleading because it lumps together all persons of a certain category as if they all are represented by a couple organizations. It also ignores ministries such as Courage.


It also might lead one to believe that the members of these groups have nowhere else to go to attend mass, which is not the case.

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Yeah, most article by secular publications that I have seen about this make it seem as if these people are being banned from all Churches in Detroit, like they can’t attend mass without getting kicked out or something. The reality is they just don’t want these groups meeting in the Churches or priests actively supporting them.

They also make out a lot of the fact that these groups have had, if not outright approval, then tolerance from the Archdiocese for 40+ years. I don’t know why the previous archbishops in Detroit let this slide for how long (or why the current Archbishop took over a decade to deal with the problem) but just because they were allowed to wrongly linger around for so long doesn’t mean that it is wrong to finally remove them from Church property and make their status clear.

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There were a number of things the previous archbishops let slide, IMHO.

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