Requesting a private meeting

My dad wants me to request a private meeting with the Bishop to discuss my vocation. Do you think the Bishop would be willing to have a private meeting with me? My dad just wants the Bishop’s perspective and opinion on my vocation.

Guess you’ll have to call and see. :shrug:

Don’t be surprised though if you are referred back to a priest.

Prayers for you and your vocation


You are likely to be referred to a meeting with the Diocesan Director of Formation, but if the Bishop has the time, he might do so. Not as likely as being referred to the Director of Formation, which is probably where the meeting ought to be, anyway. But definitely call and request the meeting. Then tell your Dad what choices you have.

What do you want?

Do you want a private meeting? Or are you fine with meeting with your priest? Or the Diocesan Director of Formation?

I think if your dad wants a meeting or a perspective from the bishop, maybe* he *should meet with the bishop.

It probably depends on where you are.

In my diocese there are only about 50,000 Catholics. The bishop is very visible and very available. He’s also very much into encouraging vocations. He did invite one young lady I know to discuss teaching an adult religion class when he found out she had a Master’s in Theology, and found time to do it. He frequently shows up at parish events in the diocese, sometimes unannounced, though his car must have a million miles on it. (huge area…about the southern third or fourth of Missouri)

But in the Archdiocese of St. Louis, where there are 600,000 Catholics or more and more parishes than ballplayers? One might be able to meet with one of the auxiliary bishops, but even then it might be difficult.

Regardless, the Vocations director in most dioceses is usually very wise and practiced in vocation discernment. I don’t think I would have any problem meeting with one of them if the bishop just can’t manage a private meeting.

My Diocese is the whole state, but Catholics are a distinct minority in most of the areas, which are primarily rural small towns. Our Bishop also gets thousands of miles of travel, all over the state, and shows up almost everywhere. However, he does post his schedule once a week, in the statewide Catholic Newspaper, at least for the events, Masses, etc… which he will be attending. Check that for your area, he might be nearby. However, if you are in an area with 100,000 Catholics, or more, the Bishop may have trouble finding time to meet with everyone who requests it. That’s why he has a Director of Vocations.

Our Bishop may be in the Southwest part of the state for a particular event at 10 am, but has to return a 4 hour or 5 hour drive for another special Mass, perhaps at a Convent or the rededication of a rural church at 2 or 3pm. Cuts his time available to talk with people just a bit. Not because he doesn’t want to, he simply is one person, with a lot of responsibilities.

Depending on your diocese, a one on one meeting with the bishop may take place as part of your seminary application process anyway - your vocations director should be able to confirm this. As far as the bishop’s perspective / opinion goes, that’s normally something which is left up to the vocations director so I think that probably the best thing to do is to talk with your vocations director and see if a meeting with the bishop is part of the process and, if not, whether such a meet would be possible.