“Resurrection” features U.S. evangelical stars like William Lane Craig who find a good historical case for physical Resurrection and Christian liberals like the University of Notre Dame’s Rev. Richard McBrien - who figures if an Easter photo had been taken, Jesus wouldn’t have shown up on the film. Another Catholic, the Rev. Jerome Murphy-O’Connor, genially spoofs the idea that the disciples were simply fooling themselves and felt: “Why don’t we think happy thoughts?”

ABC is going to do a Show called Resurection on Friday evening. They are going to have five (5) pro-resurection theologians - all evangelicals; on the opposition team is none other than Fr. McBrien of Notre Dame.

I am officially sick and tired of this guy his very presence at Notre Dame mocks the Catholic Faith. I wish that I had the sort of charisma that could convince 1,000,000 faithful Catholics to travel to South Bend, IN so that we could convince Mr. McBrien that there is a place for people with views like him…the Anglican Church.

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