Reunification near impossible for hundreds of migrant families by July 26th deadline

Just so we are all clear that the Trump administration is responsible for creating this ongoing humanitarian crisis…

And just so we are all clear on what the Magisterium of the Catholic Church says about the immorality Trump’s policy…

Trump supporters will try to hide behind the canard of “prudential judgement” - as if the means used to carry out a government policy doesn’t matter.

It does matter.

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It’s not easy to determine how many of the minors actually are the children of the adult detainees. A significant number are not. Some asserted “parents” are not parents at all. Some are criminals. Some of the minors are criminals. Some of the minors don’t actually have a parent who accompanied them.

Easy to set deadlines to vet thousands of people. Harder to do it.

And since all of them are going to be released into the U.S. pursuant to Democratic “open borders” policy, it would be helpful to know which of the adults or minors are MS-13 or Barrio 18 or just what.
Not that Dems care about that.


So the people breaking the law by entering the US illegally have no moral culpability?

Which is one reason why it’s getting harder and harder to take the Magisterium seriously. Deny communion to people who oppose illegal immigration of MS-13 gang members, but grant it to Catholic politicians who consistently support abortion.


That’s a pretty far hop skip and jump.

Asylum seekers aren’t committing crimes.

I thought the trump policy was to target the bad hombres. So why are 500 dollars per day per asylum seeker being used instead of targeting the bad hombres?

Asylum seekers appear at a legal border crossing and apply for asylum. Illegal border crossers are a different thing. Attempts to equate the two are dishonest.

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As dishonest as claiming that the bishops want to deny communion to those stopping gang members?


You are grossly exaggerating the difficulties that may arise due to migrant factors and entirely ignoring the giant elephant in the room, which is the fact that the Trump administration took these kids away from their parents with no process in place for returning them.

A TOTAL POLICY DISASTER. You complain about being forced to pay taxes to support charity, but say nothing about being forced to pay taxes to support stupidity.

Exaggerating risks in order to scapegoat and demonize a vulnerable population is highly immoral.

You must mean the Trump supporters who keep blocking bipartisan immigration reform bills in Congress, because this mess is all their fault.

No I’m not. It’s a very serious problem. And you’re also wrong about the administration having no process in place for returning the minors to however many of the adults really are parents. The process was that the adults were detained by ICE. Because the Ninth Circuit said the government can’t keep children in detention, they were turned over to a welfare agency; HHS for their care. The process was vetting the asylum claimants. Those who were legitimate were to be reunited with the minors and let loose in the U.S. together. Those who were not (about 84% on average) were to be reunited and returned to their countries of origin.

But because the Obama administration “gave up” after the Ninth Circuit decision, a flood of illegal immigrants came to take advantage of the open borders to which the Obama administration resorted. Trump decided not to have open borders. Asylum seekers who came in through ports of entry have been allowed to remain until their cases are heard. Those who sneaked in and only claimed asylem when they were caught, have been detained.

But Dems can take comfort that it’s now “open borders”; something even the Obama administration didn’t want, but did because it didn’t think it had a choice. Today’s Dems are even more radical than Obama was.


Yeah, but you want to point the finger of blame everywhere, but at the disasterously poor planning on the part of the Trump administration.

The judge called Trump’s policy cruel and negligent, and the continuing disaster is entirely their fault.

Well, you needn’t worry about it further. We now have the open borders Democrats think will help them politically in the future.

And no matter how anybody characterizes the administration, there are still going to be problems with minors who are not accompanied (about 5 out of 6) by anybody, those who are accompanied by strangers, those who are accompanied by criminals, and those who are, themselves criminals.

The government has no choice but to provide shelter, food, etc for the unaccompanied minors, who are the great majority. It can’t turn minors over to strangers or criminals or child abusers.

So this will be a social services and criminal justice problem for a long time.

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So, the judge was ok with pedophiles and human traffickers?


Non sequitur.

Bad arguments run rampant when good arguments are lacking.

Again with the demonizing of migrants. This is getting ridiculous. You know full well that the reality is very different. Why do you hate these people so much that you would repeat such lies?

I don’t hate migrants. Unlike you, I have sponsored them and brought some into this country so they could work here.

All you do is propose that poor working people in this country lose their jobs so greedy employers can exploit illegal immigrant labor. No virtue in that. What is the percentage of illegal immigrant women who get raped on the way? Isn’t it 80%? Well, you share in that blame as sure as if you held them down, because virtue signalers like you are the ones who give the molesters their opportunity. You should hang your head in shame.

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Again, you make baseless accusations. You really don’t remember our previous conversation? That’s got to be frustrating, because I remember all sorts of things about you. I hope the immigrants you sponsored weren’t from some s-hole country, because Trump wouldn’t like that.

In Trump’s booming economy? Not a chance.

If the percentage of illegal immigrant women who get raped on the way here is 80%, what do you think the percentage is of women who get raped when they’re sent back?

Hmmm…I guess you never considered that did you? Oops!

I bet if Obama was doing it you qould not have a problem with it.

If these children are not returned to their parents, will they be made citizens?

Yeah, it’s really outrageous when the Church advises treating those less fortunate than us as human beings.

Those that support this administration’s torture of immigrant children should hang their heads in shame.

Not quite. The initial blame goes to the countries that these people are fleeing. Why are they fleeing? Drug Cartels :man_shrugging:t2:

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Exactly. Drug cartels that exist to fill the insatiable demand of Americans (the US variety) for drugs.

We’re not exactly blame-free in this.