Rosary on car mirror?

I’ve noticed that many people have differing opinions about hanging a rosary from the rearview mirror of their car. I currently don’t have one there since I have been hesitant about disrespecting a sacramental (i.e. is it a sin??), however I always like seeing them in other people’s cars, if for no other reason than “Hey, they’re Catholic too! We’re everywhere!!” :slight_smile: What do you think?

In my state it is illegal to hang anything from your rearview. Doesn’t seem like the law is enforced though.

I’ve never thought of the possiblity of it being sinful? Why would that be? We have a rosary and a scapular on our rearview mirror, we often pray the rosary while traveling, and we use it at those times. The scapular, well, we all wear one around our necks, we have one on our front and back doors, so it only seemed natural to put one on our van.

Anytime I see the rosary on the car mirror I say to myself “I hope thay pray the rosary also”. However It seems to me to be use as a simble of a ethnic pride here in Cal more than anything elce. :frowning:
Just like the pictue of our Lady of Gwadalupa. (sp?) The harm there being the people who wear the simbales of our faith who do not live it. We have all met cristions who think all Catholics lie, drink and cuss because of the people thay have met who call themselves Catholic. Althow youll never see tham in Church. Ell as you can tell it bugs me.

Ok…I admit to having TWO rosaries hanging from my van’s rearview mirror. They have both come from EWTN…one is lavender, and the other is blue…I hang them as a witness…Not to brag, but as a way of proclaiming that I am a Catholic, and proud of it. I also have a medal/clip on my sunvisor advising anyone who finds me in an accident that I am a Catholic, and to please call a priest.

Since I do spend a lot of time with Evangelical Protestants, I do like to make it obvious that I am a Catholic…It allows my Evangelical friends to feel free to ask questions…which they do from time to time, or at least they will be open to a conversation…

Don’t have one on my car, 'cause it would look like this when my bride gets behind the wheel :rotfl:

[quote=CD4]**…I hang them as a witness…Not to brag, but as a way of proclaiming that I am a Catholic, and proud of it. **

That’s one of the reasons I was thinking of hanging one up (I go out on a lot of business lunches and would like that witness to others)

**MamaAtHome - I guess “sin” is not the right word I was looking for - still being a relative newbie to the faith (I converted in March 2002), I just don’t want to do something that is offensive or frowned upon by other Catholics. **

tee_eff_em - :rotfl: !!!

I have 2 - both gifts, neither blessed. I have them there to remind me to say a pray when I get cut off, instead of “choice words”!:smiley:

I don’t put one on my rearview mirror because I think too many people hang them there with a false sense of religion. My first thought is “ya but I bet you don’t pray it” I know pretty negative of me - However I do enjoy seeing them :love: . We always keep a rosary in the car, usually on some knob on the dash. In today’s busy life style we spend alot of time in the car. Perfect time to pray the rosary!

Tee_eff_em:rotfl: Oh my gosh, that is sooooooo funny. Okay back to the topic, I have two of them in my car, one from Israel and one from the Vatican and also one in my purse, I pray the rosary eveyday and I am proud to show I am catholic.

I, myself, hang a wooden cross from my rearview mirror, but wouldn’t object to hanging a rosary.


On related note, I have my rosary on my desk at work. No one has commented on it yet. But it is there as a sign of my faith. I’ve been trying (or intending) to pray the rosary more often. I haven’t been too successful.

I feel the same way…some people I know who hang them from the mirror are using it as a good luck thing…
I always keep a few in the glove compartment…I also use a finger Rosary when I’m driving.

I have a glow in the dark rosary hanging from my rearview. My priest at UMD distibuted them, he thought they were cool…he’s young at heart. Anyway, I hang mine there to remind me of my roadrage problem and I just like having Jesus there with me while I’m driving. I’m in my car a lot, and every once in a while, I kiss the crucifix when I’m feeling the Holy Spirit within me.

I dont think it matters if people hang it on their rearview and dont always pray it. People use rosaries, scapulars, and other religious symbols to feel close to God through out the day. I dont think its fair to say that people who dont pray the rosary and/or arent “good Catholics” shouldnt hang them from rearviews. Its not up to me or anyone else to make that call. I’d rather see that hanging there than a Playboy bunny.

tee em off ~ THAT IS HYSTERICAL!! :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I have a Sacred Heart/Immaculate Heart chaplet with wooden beads hanging from the mirror of my pick up. I leave it there mostly as a little witness to my non-catholic husband, and friends.
I also have a little finger rosary I leave hanging on the blinker thingy for actual use.
Peace and all good! ~~~~~~

For those that use finger rosaries while driving - do you (or can you) wear a finger rosary or do you just keep it around (in your purse, your car etc)?

I agree with your way of thinking:yup:

I have a rosary, scapular, and a St. Christopher medal hanging from my rearview mirror. I also have a pewter symbol on my visor instructing people in times of an emergency to contact a Priest because I am Catholic. Having the Rosary, Scapular, and St. Christopher Medal reminds me to pray when I am travelling…it also gives me comfort and the feeling of security, because I know Jesus is riding next to me.

I do hang a Rosary in the car. Note that the Rosary is the scourge of the devil.

My family prays the Rosary almost daily. Thank GOD for that. My youngest (5 yr) does the first mystery. Sounds really good to hear her pray. Kind of imagine the LORD really intent on listening to her prayer. The 8 yr old does the second, and the eldest, 9 yr old, does the third. My wife does the 4th and I round it up with the 5th.

Like what I read in some of the posts here, I think the Rosary is one way of witnessing your faith.

what a blast! could i share this with my egroups, tee_ef_em?