Rosary— why does this happen when I pray?

When praying the roasry about two minutes in i start to feel nauseous. This does not stop me i continue on praying but this happens everytime. Does anyone know why? Another thing it doesnt make me fear ethier.

Could be demonic interference employing distraction via some nauseous feeling.

Could be that when praying, because you are being calm, it is bringing to your attention a sickly feeling that you would not normally be aware of, in other circumstances.

Could be a warning that you need to see a doctor.

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I’m not entirely sure, but I would not be surprised if it was the demonic realm trying to discourage you from saying the Rosary. I have seen this same kind of thing happen a lot. If you start getting other symptoms of illness, or if the nausea gets much worse, then you might want to see a doctor just to be sure.

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I also become very clamy and pale. the nausea is what makes me want to stop praying but i push threw .thanks for your feed back

Check with your doctor.

Are you saying it out loud, whispering it, or saying it in your head?

I would say in a medium voice like wisper but a little louder

Perhaps you are getting dehydrated. Do you sip water occasionally when you pray?

While i pray no but throughout the day i drink plenty of water all my liquid intake comes from water no coke juice or teas.

But i will try and sip water in throughtout the rosary and see how that goes

I think it will help.

Could it be that it is how or where you are sitting or kneeling that is causing the nausea?

When i pray my night prayers it doesnt happen only with the rosary and with my night prayers i kneel to in the same position

It’s probably the way you are breathing, speaking, etc. get a medical checkup.

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