Russian Foreign Minister scolds Andrea Mitchell

Andrea Mitchell scolded by Russian Foreign Minister

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“Do you know who I am?”, she says.

See what happens when elitist left journalists get put in their proper place. These people insist they are SO important and actually think they are! Great job!

The media clearly sees itself as the fourth branch of government. How nice to see one of its “high priests” taken down a peg.

Russian Turf, Russian rules. press questioning is fine, just show some class when doing it. The press are questioners, not interogators.

Yes, but when one pulls stunts like not allowing the press core to follow you as Secretary Tillerson has and forcing the press to try to keep up on commercial flights,don’t be surprised it the press gets more aggressive. Right or left ones also be concerned about Russia’s intentions at this moment. Whatever Trump’s campaign did or didn’t do with Russia, we have just attacked one of their major allies and this is a tense foreign relation issue.

What stunt? Would you bend over backwards for people you already know are not going to write anything good about you?
I think the President has been more than fair with the leftist, elitist press!

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

The moment we erode free access of both press we like and dislike is the moment we begin to erode the 1st Amendment and stability of this country. I’m not accusing the current administration of being a dictator, but this is one thing authoritarian regimes do. Russia is a great example of this, Putin is a virtual dictator for life operating under the veneer of an open government. Those who publish things about him that he does not like, especially for long periods, are targeted. If you want such a society continue to support such actions. Without politicians being open to the press, we have no ability to petition the government. You may pick your sources, but let others pick theirs. Yes you are correct that the press is apart of the “fourth branch of the government”…it is part of the people of this country who act as a 4th check and balance against the official branches.

Calm down dude, he lets press go with him, just not your press. Constitution is fine. LOL

The wife of Alan Greenspan? Imagine that.

Pray for poor Alan.

That’s the issue.

Sometimes it takes a Russian to put these rude upstarts in their place. How ironic.

The American media is no longer a 4th branch that is a check on government. Lying constantly about Trump and peddling conspiracy theories is not checking Trump, it’s undermining a constitutional republic because 99% of them didn’t get the result they wanted.

At least the media in some other countries put up a fight. The American mainstream media practically campaigned for Obama twice and propped up Trump just so they could tear him down later.

There was a flap on Tillerson’s opting to allow only one reporter and no pool reporter to fly with the State delegation on his first major trip in mid-March. Was that a Mulligan, or is this still an issue? Has he - like so much of the administration - adopted a more conventional approach of late?

She’s not elitist, she’s just like you and me out there trying to do her job; never hurts to remind people that your only trying to do your job.

Actually, they are pretty important.

Not when they conspire to elect liberal politicians instead of checking the government.

They are now a threat to America.

You sound paranoid.

Discuss the issues, not accounts.

The free press being a threat to America is not an issue.