Saint Charlotte?

Is there a Roman Catholic Saint Charlotte, and if so who was she?

Would that be the patroness of North Carolina???:):):slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I do not believe that there is, though if someone else finds info otherwise, it would be appreciated- I love the name Charlotte!:heart::heart::heart:

I did a google search, and supposedly there is a Saint Charlotte who is the Patron saint of crocheting…I don’t know if this is true.

I also found that there was a carmelite nun in France who is a Blessed. Her name was Anne-Marie-Madeleine Thouret, and she was also known as Sister Charlotte of the Resurrection.

My daughter’s name is Charlotte. She was baptized with another little girl, Audrey. When they were baptized, the deacon said “Saint Charlotte pray for us. Saint Audrey pray for us.” I thought he was just using their names because the of our children, but then I found out that Saint Ethelreda is also known as Saint Audrey so it got me wondering if there was a Saint Charlotte.

The Latin/Spanish version would be “Carlotta,” which if I am not mistaken is taken from the same root we take “Charles,” ie., San Carlos Borromeo, etc. “Charlotte” would be the feminine version of “Charles.”

Soon-to-be-Blessed John Paul II was “Karol,” the Polish version of “Charles.”

Charlotte is the French female version of the name Charles. The Saint attached to the name is Saint Charles Borromeo.