Saint Dymphna, the saint for people with mental illness

I just know, a while ago, that there’s a saint for people with mental issues / illness

This is very great, especially in today’s world where more people is having issues with mental health

Let us pray for Saint Dymphna’s help (and with the blessing of our God, Jesus Christ, of course) to always protect and strengthen our mental health. And, especially, to the people whose facing mental issues right now, may Saint Dymphna, with the power given to her by Our Father The Almighty, protect and heal them.

About St. Dymphna - Patron Saint Article.

Few stories of Saint Dymphna’s miracles:


That is a lovely testimony to the intercession of St Dymphna, SAM. :pray:

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yes indeed… she’s very blessed by the power from Our Father in Heaven… we could pray to her for her help on the problems we’re facing right now…

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and, also, i just added more articles about St. Dymphna’s miracles, thus, there’s more references about her miracles

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