Same Old Subject?

I recently returned to the church after being away my entire adult life. I want to cleanse my soul of all my sin. I am very humiliated to admit as a middle-aged woman that I have masterbated on/off throughout my life and have viewed porn on the Internet to help me with this when I had the urge. Now HOW do I confess this, considering this seems to be a male dominated theme here on this site and the priest most likely hears this from men versus middle aged women?? I am so embarrassed I do not think I can confess it.

Lot of girls saying the same thing on this site. It’s not really that rare. And confessing it’s pretty straight forward. You don’t need to lay on details. You just need to say you’ve been unchaste. Sometimes even while watching porn with it.

It’s face forward from there. Hope that helps.

Peace inevertan.


Thank you, Trident.

The priest could not care less about your gender. Spend some time writing down your sins and saying them out loud. When you can get it out, go to confession and leave in peace. :signofcross:

There was a support group here for Women struggling with personal purity.

You are not alone. Peace. :console:

A lot of us have been there, and it is embarrassing to confess. But it’s nothing that the priest has not heard before, and after you confess it, the weight of the shame and guilt will be lifted from you (at least that’s how I felt)!

I am a lady and have been to the confession many times for this. Nothing short of setting off a nuclear bomb would surprise a priest. They have heard just about everything.

Thank you very much! I will try on Tuesday. Thank you everyone for your responses!

Just an update. I confessed my sin from behind the screen and the priest did not lecture me but talked about Christ’s sacrifice for our sins. It was quick and clean. Whew!



And welcome home! :extrahappy:

Thank you, Wesrock! This was humiliating to admit and confess and I certainly will avoid the nearest occasion of this sin! Do not want to place myself in this position again. I was not faithful when I was sinning this way. Now that I am accountable to God I really want to be able to stand before him one day. This forum helped me with all the threads I read on this subject. I am grateful.