Scent of flowers appearing in the air

I had an odd event that occurred last night that I’ve never experienced before. I was sleeping and it must have been late night/early morning, before the sun came up. I wasn’t dreaming.

Sometime during the night a strong fragrance pervaded my room, the smell of fresh cut flowers. Now there are no aromas in my room; no potporri (sic), no candles, no air fresheners, no flowers, etc. Basically, nothing in my room that gives off any strong or sweet smelling aroma. I don’t know how long it lasted, but it was strong and calming. I was not afraid that I was smelling this.

A word came into my brain: “jasmines” (the flowers of the taxonomic name Jasminum). Whatever I was smelling apparently, was the scent of jasmines. Which is kind of odd, because we grow all kinds of strong scented flowers in our yard (peonies, zinnias, hydrangeas, irises, etc.) and I do not remember for the life of me what jasmines actually smell like. But whatever the scent was, it must have been jasmine flowers. The word came into my mind as if it was placed there by someone/something else subconsciously.

I have read and heard of occurrences of the smell of roses randomly appearing when no roses are in sight, or other sweet smelling roses. I think those occurrences are believed to be of the Virgin Mary or related to her?

But I’ve never heard of jasmine scented appearances. This didn’t feel like a “Virgin Mary” occurrence. This felt more like being in the presence of another Saint, but an unnamed one. I’ve had dreams about Saints protecting me (my soldier saints who I am close to). Maybe this is nothing more than odd dreaming, but in all my history of dreaming (I suffered from sleep paralysis when I was younger) I’ve never had a single “scent” dream. This felt real, even though I was not awake. I guess I can’t really explain it too well because it’s something that needs to be experienced. And no, I am not currently taking any hallucinogenic drugs (I didn’t see anything because I was sleeping anyway).

This has been bothering me, because I don’t know of any Saints who use the jasmine flower as their symbol. I really want to know. Can somebody help me? There has to be one.

I told my mother about this, and she had an odd occurrence as well. She told me when she got up this morning, that she had the urge to pull her old Miraculous Medal out for no reason whatsoever. She never wore it and ignored it before. She told me she doesn’t think this is a coincidence. This has never happened to her or me before. She believes that I am blessed because I make rosaries for myself and other people, and somehow it’s related to me and the rosaries I make.

I’m not asking anyone to believe me. I’m just asking if anyone knows of any Saints who use the jasmine flower as their symbol. Ever since this incident, I’ve had a strong inclination to keep jasmine flowers in my room (went to the store today and they don’t sell jasmine flowers).

Found this on Catholic Traditions site:

JASMINE: The white color and sweet scent of the jasmine make it a symbol of the Virgin Mary. It also signifies grace, elegance, and amiability.

I should have probably stated in my original post that I found that information out on that website, but haven’t found anything else on this subject.

Are there any saints portrayed with the jasmine as their symbol?

Why would anyone not believe you? Who is to say that spiritual experiences don’t happen, I know they do. God and the Lord speak to us in different ways, sometimes people, sometimes visions, and even scent! I deeply appreciate your sharing!

Follow your nose!

Heavenly odors are a special experience God gives to some of us.


So is there any Saint that is associated with jasmine flowers? This is bothering me. I want to know!

I’ll be the one to say it. We can put on our Platonist rationalist hats and say: Perhaps your senses were to deceiving you. Have you ever “seen” a puddle in the road on a hot day only to “see” it disappear when you get close to it?

But I’m not talking about the sense of “seeing.” I can’t "smell’ a puddle from a distance after all, but I can supposedly “see” a puddle. If I can supposedly “see” a puddle, can I supposedly “smell” one as well? Sight and smell are two very different senses, do you agree? Though I suppose that since some animals use smell over sight, maybe they can “see” without actually seeing.

Anyway, the point of this thread was dealing more with “Is there a Saint that uses jasmine flowers as his/her symbol?” not “Do you believe I had a religious experience or not?”

I don’t know of any Saints connected to the Jasmine flower, but I sincerely believe this experience you have told about. I too, believe it is from the Virgin Mary. Perhaps Our Lady wants to thank you for making Rosaries for others, and perhaps she wants you to make her one of your “special” Saints. With what happened with your Mother in the morning, perhaps both of you should start wearing the Miraculous Medal – I think the two incidents are related.

I also had a “scent” experience, but while I was awake and praying during my time in a Convent. I was in my cell (room) and suddenly my room was filled with the scent of Incense, such as is used at the Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament! It lasted for about a half hour. The other Novices in my section could also smell it when they passed my cell. My Novice Mistress wanted to know how I got hold of the Incense from the Sacristy and how I managed to burn it in my room. Since I was Sacristan at the morning Masses, she thought I’d “stolen” the Incense from there. However, there was no physical evidence of the Incense in my room, and nothing to burn it in, nor any matches! (The other Novices had told her of the scent). She finally just shook her head and told me to continue praying and not try to be so “holy”. I don’t think she believed the incident, but our Mother Superior did, and said it was a Blessing from the Lord.:slight_smile:

Mirages have a visual cause, and we see them because we are such visual beings that we see patterns where none exist. Our human noses are so weak, however, that when we do smell something, there is usually something there.


The scent experience was truly interesting, regardless of whether it comes from God or not. I have never experienced such a thing before. I don’t know how to “imitate” smelling. Which is why I am more reluctant to agree that it is something related to God. Assuming that is the case, it felt more like a Catholic Saint experience, not a Virgin Mary experience. I’m not sure why I feel that way with regards to this incident.

I already wear the Miraculous Medal along with 2 scapulars and 2 crosses, and I wear the St. Philomena cord. Perhaps my actions of making rosaries (believe it or not, mostly for myself right now; it’s personal “therapy”) are planting seeds in others? I’ve been showing them off to co-workers and some family but honestly I’m not expecting anything sudden to come out of me showing them.

This incident has certainly spurred me into wanting and doing some interesting things: now I want everything that is related to jasmine flowers. I want jasmine flowers to put in my room but there is no store that sells fresh jasmine flowers where I live. I had to substitute jasmine flowers with fresh hydrangeas. If I get jasmine flowers, I want to dry them and press them into rosary beads. I want jasmine tea. I want to plant jasmine seeds in the spring, but since they are tropical/subtropical plants I don’t know if they will survive the seasonal climate here. To tell the truth, I don’t think there will ever be any real way for me to replicate the scent which I experienced.

But in the end, I want to know if there is any Saint that has jasmine flowers as his/her symbol.

I guess what matters is whether * you* believe you had a religious experience. I’m just trying to be the skeptic.

But I do believe that the sense of smell can deceive. Senses can be thought of as perceived mental states based on past experiences. So the sense of smell could be just as deceptive as sight. You could “smell” a steak cooking, but it actually is a hamburger cooking. Your logic would go: I “smell” a steak cooking; Therefore, a steak is cooking. However, you must base this conclusion off of your past experiences. In other words, you’d have to assume that the future will resemble the past. But that just begs the question if we propose that contingent knowledge can be based off of inductive reasoning.

Sorry. I’ve been reading Hume. I’ll stop now.

Yes, both sight & scent can deceive, but if the OP doesn’t even remember what Jasmine flowers smell like, this combined with his mother feeling urged to get out a Miraculous Medal she hadn’t used in years, makes me think this was, indeed, a blessing from the Lord. What it means will be revealed in good time, if it is from the Lord. If it is not, it is strange that the Evil One would urge the OP’s mother to get out a long-ignored Miraculous Medal first thing the next day! There is no one (except God) that Satan hates and fears more than Our Blessed Mother, so I don’t think that part, at least, could possibly be an “evil” inclination!

I read that the word jasmine has persian origin and means “gift from God”.
I also read that the incorruptible body of Venerable María de Jesús has a smell of roses and jasmine.
You may want to find out more,I am not too sure about the reliability of the sources…
The good news is always God loves you.:slight_smile:

Do you mean Ven. Maria de Agreda, the 17th century Spanish nun? Is there any other info that you can provide me with regards to the smell of jasmines on her incorruptible body?

Maria de Jesus de Agreda.
That’s all I found about the scent of jasmine…:slight_smile: