second death

I am was wondering. In revalation 20 (I think) when we are being told that people will be thrown into the pit of fire after the judgement and that is the “Second death” what does that mean? Is the soul distroyed? What does John mean by the “Second Death”?

Let me take a shot at this:

“Second death” probably refers to the final judgement of damnation to those who had died on Earth and were waiting for the final determination of their souls in Eternity. You died once on Earth - you die a second time in eternal life when you are condemned to live this life seperate from the Kingdom of God.

…am I close? :confused:

I don’t know. I am rather lost and confused on it.

That’s pretty close to what I would have said–that the first death is the separation of the spirit/soul from the body when the body dies, and that the second death is the eternal separation of the spirit/soul from God after the final judgment.


Don’t forget that at the final judgement, our bodies are returned to us and we are judged ( body and soul) publically, and sent to our eternal destination, body and soul.

“Blessed and holy is he who shares in the first resurrection! Over such the second death has no power.” Rev 20:6

“Eschatological separation from Christ, the second death, which cannot touch those who have died just.” A New Catholic Commentary on Holy Scripture 974a