Selling baby pictures (Brad and Angelina)

I’m curious what others think about the idea of selling celeb baby photos.

It’s great that Brad and Angelia give the money to charity, but should they be selling photos at all?

If i am a celebrity and expecting kid, i would give my baby’s picture for free. Let everyone rejoice with me welcoming this special gift into our life. No money, just love.

If they don’t they will be totally hounded by idiots with cameras trying to get THE SHOT for the perfect cover story.

Giving them away for free means that every idiot on the block will want to get their camera in your baby’s face so THEY can get the best shot on the block and get the perfect cover story.

:rolleyes: They can’t win.

The whole thing is insane. At least by selling rights to photos they can somewhat control the madness.


Photos of celebrities make websites, tv, and magazines money. I have no problem with celebrities selling pictures of the arrival of their child to control paparazzi and, in my opinion, probably make their baby safer because as Liza said, photographers then won’t be falling over each other to get the money shot whenever the new parents and baby leave the security of the hospital or home. I also don’t think it is necessary that they give the money to charity–they could also put it in savings for their little one. I think giving it to charity is classy, though! :thumbsup:

I have more trouble with the concept that we’re “celebrating” an out-of-wedlock birth. That type of activity used to be shameful - not splashed out as the latest sensation.

Who is this “we” you are refering to? While I’m happy there are babies, I’ve never supported or endorsed this couple.

Be careful before you start throwing around the “royal we”. It does not apply to everyone. :rolleyes:


I really could care less if they sell them or not. I don’t see the big deal. I’ve never been one to pay money to buy the publications to see them either. Could care less. If I want to see cute baby pics, I can open my family photo album for free. :smiley:

I am with Annie on this. Brad and Angelina aren’t married are they? So, we’re all supposed to rejoice and praise them for having babies out of wedlock. I am so sick of who we used to call the “Beautiful People”.

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant in your thread…

I saw on tv where some magazine is offering almost 20 MILLION DOLLARS for their baby pics!!! That’s nuts. Then again, I would be fine with it if they turned right around and donated the 20 million to charity. They seem well off anyways…what’s the point?