Seminary.... who pays the cost?

I have an active interest in wanting to be a priest. I currently have a bachelors degree in science and a small job, but always desired to enter into the priesthood. I was wondering how the process works. Do I have to send myself through seminary school or does the Catholic Church finance my education? I will need to also take the required number of philosophy classes as well, so who will finance that part?
I don’t have much money, so financing a seminary education myself will be a major obstacle. If somone can help me out with some information, that will be really appreciated.

Have you spoken to your Parish priest who can assist with your queries? It would also help to approach a vocations director of the religious order (or his diocesan counterpart) one would wish to join. I am sure that no one who is sincere about becoming a priest is denied the opportunity of seminary training because of financial considerations.

It all depends.

For the secular priesthood, from the couple of dioceses I looked at, the diocese pays for the education and then after ordination part of the cost (or all of it) is paid back by the priest. Some dioceses require the candidate to pay, taking loans. Some dioceses give loans.

Most religious communities cover the cost (the FSSP requires the candidate to pay the cost) and all religious orders do so.

In my diocese you have to pay 1/3 of the price for pre-seminary philosophy. Once you are in graduate studies the diocese pays the rest. Becoming a priest should not be about the money, it’s about the call so follow where God is leading you. Call you Vocations Director, get a Spiritual Director, and go on the path the Good Lord is leading you to.

God bless

I am very thankful for my diocese and its people who are very supportive and generous to those who discern to the diocesan priesthood. It is all free including Health Insurance. This is for both studying in college seminary and major seminary. If anyone leaves seminary, he is not asked to pay back. Things can be changed in the future but I hope it won’t though.

The Diocese of Lansing, Michigan pays everything…a quote from the Diocesan Services appeal magazine that we just received: “…Addressing all of these areas of a man’s formation takes time and support. The diocese removes the financial barriers to answering God’s call to priesthood by funding the full four-year theology program for all graduate-level seminarians, as well as paying for the two-year philosophy requirement for men like Jonathan who enter the seminary with an unrelated undergraduate degree. In addition to underwriting the educational program and living expenses, the dioces provides a stipend that makes it possible for seminarians to be fully engaged in their studies” (page 12).

More than generous!