Seventy Five Percent of Americans Want Obamacare Law Changed

A new poll finds 75 percent of Americans say they want the Obamacare law that prompts abortion-funding and rationing concerns changed.

The question they differ on is how that change should take place — by repealing the bill, de-funding it, or modifying it in other ways to ferret out some of the problems and lessen the damage it could cause the country.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 75% of likely voters want to change the law, while only 18% want it left alone. Those figures include 20% who want the law repealed and nothing done to replace it, 28% who want it repealed and then have its most popular provisions put into a new law and 27% who say leave the law in place but get rid of the unpopular provisions.

“It is worth noting that a majority (55%) take one of the middle ground approaches—repeal and replace or leave it and improve,” pollster Scott Rasmussen notes. “Overall, 48% take an approach that starts with repeal.”

The health care law has passed!
It will take time to develop and improve as have all other such social justice mandates.
Peace, Carlan

Along the lines of what was mentioned in the original article, I saw this newer article today and was surprised at how few Americans like the health care bills as is. The latest Gallup poll shows as few as 13% of Americans want to leave the bill as is. I wouldn’t have guessed the like-ability of the new Obama care was that low.

Going into the House vote for repeal, and the bills low poll numbers, thought this mention from the article made sense.

Remember the warnings from moderate Democrats who said it was unadvisable to jam through such large legislation without a national consensus and some bipartisan support? Numbers like these show you why.

Health Law Looks Shaky; Abortion Fight Renewed; China Won’t Blink

Scratch the whole thing and start over.

Begin by addressing the issues that overinflate the prices.

Look in to deregulating some of the ridiculous nonsense providers must pay armies of people to move reams and reams of red tape for.

Look into dismantling the dysfunctional Medicare and Medicaid payment systems which will pay as much as 6,000 a month to put someone in the nursing home, but, not a peeny to keep them home (the gov. can control the nursing homes, we’re too free at home).

Incentivize healthy behaviors and compliance with medications.

Enhance and reimburse primary care properly, so people can see a doctor that knows them.

Promote case management to enhance quality and cost-effectiveness.

Stop paying worthless people $2million for every hangnail and driving up malpractice insurance and keeping small practices impossible.

Start by asking the health profession what needs to be done. (NOw there’s a novel idea!)

Do something, but, not this unmitigated disaster.

"It’s MY Healthcare, and I want it NOW!!!"
Like a commercial on TV late at night…

Scrap it. Start over (which will never happen-watch).

Give it to those who don’t have any but want Health Care.

But leave mine alone.

God Bless you.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn

Entitlements are destroying this country.

So…in your opinion…social security has gotten better over time?