Sex positions?

This might be a silly question, but me any my husband were wondering it it’s okay to try out different positions during sex. And also, what about oral sex and masturbation? We don’t masturbate ourselves, we do it to each other. Is this permitted? I feel really weird talking about this stuff LOL, but I need to know.

Get ready for a heated debate thread.

You sill see posts that condemn things as sinful…some that say there is not sin. You need to have a good understanding of what the Church teaches on these matters to know what to take seriously and what to not.

From another thread:

Basically, read the Catechism from paragrpahs 1643-1654 and 2337-2400.
Also, if you really like reading the Popes, read Casti Connubii, Humanae Vitae, and Familiaris Consortio.

Short answers:
Any position is fine, as long as you both agree to it/like it.
Oral or manual stimulation is fine…in the context of the conjugal union. In other words…when used as part of the marital act and the marital act is completed in the natural way (intravaginal ejaculation). In other words…foreplay is fine, but you must not stimulate your husband to completion outside the vagina…such completion of an act is not ordered toward procreation.

The Church teaches the marital union is both unitive and procreative. So, each act must be properly ordered toward, per se, procreation and unification (does not mean i tmust be “procreative”, per se, but properly ordered toward procreation). Either of these gets thwarted (or both) and there is then disorder in the act.

Post some pictures and the members here will tell you if you are doing it right. :shrug:

ahs is right on all counts.

All I will add is this:

Get out of this thread now. This will not end well.

I will recommend two books that I have found immensely helpful for understanding Catholic teaching on sexuality:

Good News About Sex and Marriage

Holy Sex! A Catholic Guide to Toe-Curling, Mind-Blowing, Infallible Loving

I usually find that books are (usually) more well-informed and trustworthy than strangers on the Internet, as this thread will probably eventually show…:rolleyes:

duck and cover

I beleive that the only time a Catholic would be allowed to “pull out” is if they were pulling out their subscription to this thread. Other than that, follow the direction of the above answers.



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In all seriousness though if you are unsure about church teaching and research still leaves you confused, talk to your priest. You really don’t want to take advice on something as important as intimacy with your husband from random strangers on the internet that may not have your best interests at heart.

I’m actually wondering the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Being part of a Catholic minority, though, excluding when I’m among a Hispanic/Latino/Latinamerican population, people always tend to question me (sometimes to death) about Catholicism…it’s really annoying. And, one time this came up: “Are you Caths allowed to enjoy sex, like positions?”

Your married, have at it! Just keep your mind open to new life and make sure your husband climaxes inside you. Enjoy yourself. I think some spend so much time in sexual frustration before marriage that sex in marriage should be liberating.

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$5 says: Past 4 pages.

Moderation is a key in life and I say sex also.

That to much in anything you do may actually undermine the enjoyment of it.

Any position is fine but I say not oral. Just my opinion.

What positions do you use? Any abuse or pain involved

This thread wont be long and if there are debates it wont qualify as “heated”.
Just watch and see.

All sexual positions are morally okay, of course. It is not an catholic issue, per se. We are human beings, we can try different sex positions, in the respect of natural moral law (the end of marital act has to be unitive and procreative): the sexual cooperation, in the human fashion, is the rule.

As catholic, we are not puritan, not puritanist, not victorian, not victorianist, not jansenist, not angelical, not scrupulous, not absurd, not stupid, not silly, not prudish, not moralist, not against the capacity of couple to express his sexual love in the human manner (all positions, that are human, are possible and thus are morally okay).

No big deal. No moral issue, per se. Say the contrary is not very in link with the official catholic doctrine.

I know some catholics are not in the same line, they are wrong because their intellectual approaches are full of…strange ideologies and full of heresies (explicitely or implicitely).

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