Should church introduce transgender baptism? [Church of England]

A vicar has asked the Church of England to debate introducing a ceremony akin to a baptism to mark the new identities of Christians who undergo gender transition.

The idea came after a young transgender person approached him, seeking to be “re-baptised” in his new identity. Similar ceremonies are already happening in some other Anglican churches.

This weekend, Nick Benn and his friends gathered at his church for a service to mark one of the most significant events in his life so far: the transition from his previous identity as a young woman, to a new life as a man.

Once again, insanity is making its way through the Church of England. :shrug:

Gosh! :frowning:

That’s exactly what I said first reading this too.

why??? Baptism effects the soul, not the body. No matter what they do to their physical bodies or think, a transgender person’s soul is still the same.

Exactly, but they don’t seem to acknowledge that. This is the natural result of Protestantism my friend.

I believe this makes a lot of sense for those going through a major transition in their lives. No one is advocating re-baptism, because we all know that a person’s baptism happens once. The article states this. The ritual would be ‘like’ a baptism, changing from one state of being into another. We have rituals similar to this in the church all the time (as do most all faith traditions). We mark the old, we acknowledge there is something new, and we mark the change from one to the other. And then we welcome the new person into the fold.

I’m thinking of:

Baptism. Obviously.
Matrimony - two persons are united sacramentally into one
Ordination - the person is changed sacramentally from one state of being into priesthood
Anointing - in the Hebrew Bible (and in specific situations today) a person was changed into Kingship, a completely new state of being.
Anointing is still used to help guide a person from life unto death.
Initiation rites are similar, marking the entrance into adulthood.
Many monastics are asked to give up their old names and ways and are presented as new brothers or sisters in Christ. New names, new lives.

You may argue the reason for the ritual here, but the underlying precedent is both ancient and widespread.

Two of what you mentioned are sacraments, one an actual ancient tradition. This is new. This is an invention. And it’s celebrating something unnatural and disordered. Transgenderism is not something to be celebrated or reverenced. It is not how God intended us to be. It is not what God wants for us. This is insane and is against the values and traditions of Christianity.

Just because an article states something doesn’t matter to some if they want to make it appear as if it states something else. :slight_smile:

The Ritual marking the change is not new. And as I said in my post, you may disagree with the reason why people are calling for a ritual, but the ritual of transition itself is ancient and multi religious. It would be appropriate in this situation.

This ritual is new. This ritual is a liberal invention. This ritual is opposed to Christianity. End of story.

The CoE used to be the more sober and stable wing of the Anglican Communion, nowadays, instead of being a bulwark, the ‘mother church’ is now the leading the way to send the rest astry.

Can Catholics in England finally ask for their property back, it seems the CoE more and more has little use for it, and what few they do use they desecrate…

Unless the Christian story continues and God is still speaking to beings with finite understanding. But granted the end of your story as you see it to be.

Are they insane?

Have I all of a sudden entered a surrealist Dadaist movie?:rolleyes:

Holy Christ. We as a world are going to HELL. :shrug:

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” - Hebrews 13:8

Interested in opinions on this subject…

One priest has proposed this, that is all. It is not like the CofE has actually done this.

Can’t see this catching on

I looked up the person concerned and given his lifestyle, his proposal is not surprising. It is very sad that he has been so deceived by the enemy and even sadder is the fact that he is in a position to lead so many others astray. (Source:

This is a good example of the kind of nonsense people will come up with when they’ve strayed too far from the true faith. It’s really nausea inducing; truly an idea from the pits of hell.

Baptism cleanses the soul. You cannot change that through surgery, no need to rebaptize.

I don’t even want to get into the transgender issue!