Should I got to confession in this circumstance?

I’m not sure if the priest will laugh at me if I confess something that I will not share on this thread.

All that comes to my mind is that I must be prepared for confession.

Just go. Tell the priest whatever is on your mind. If it is indeed a sin, the last thing he will do, is to laugh at you. And if it is not a sin, he will help you with that too.



It may not be easy to do this, but realize that the priest is “standing in the place of Christ”. Think of that in the Confessional - that you are confessing to the Lord Jesus, through this priest. The faculty of offering this sacrament to the people of God in the name of Christ ought to be humbly received by the priest and humbly administered to you, for the good of all. Thus it can be a healing and joyful experience for all involved. So relax, and trust God.

Let’s say we are confessing anonymously. What objection can we have to ANY reaction by the priest? Is not ego somehow involved? God already knows! He lifts us up or casts us down! Fear Him who can destroy both body and soul in hell!
Do you have a good Examination of conscience? You might regularly be confessing things that are not sin! We have imperfections which are part of our nature, we suffer from concuipiscence, but sin must be conscious and willing.
The best examination of conscience I have found is by Fr. Robert Altier. Costs all of $1.95 at Catholic bookstores.

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