Sign of the Cross on Good Friday?

Is it appropriate/inappropriate to make the sign of the cross on Good Friday? If not, why not? If the answer is “it depends”, what are the circumstances.

If you have any links to further info on this, it would be very helpful (I looked and found zip).

I’ve never heard that it is inappropriate…sorry…but I think I’ll look it up.

I think the sign of the cross is a little way the Church gives us to sharpen our awareness of God, using a physical gesture…to concretize in a way the presence of God. So use these means whenever it can be helpful.

Never heard that it was inappropriate to make the Sign of the Cross on Good Friday. In my opinion, it is completely appropriate. The whole process is a retelling of our faith story. Christ died once for our sins so I cannot see it as disrespectful to make that gesture on Good Friday. If I am wrong on this, can anyone provide an explantation?

We venerate the Holy Cross during the Good Friday liturgy (the Passion of the Lord). Good Friday is all about the Holy Cross, as we recall the crucifixion and death of our Lord and Savior Jesus.
Whether Catholics attend the liturgy or not, the universal Church gazes upon the Cross on this day. There is nothing inappropriate about making the sign of the cross on Good Friday or on any other day. Did someone tell you this?

I make the sign of the Cross dozens of times on this important part of the Triduum. Doing so helps me to appreciate our Lord’s passion (suffering) and His death, and to help me to better accept the crosses which I am called to bear.

For meditation and prayer: The Passion of the Lord

I am wondering if the original poster is referring to the fact that the service doesn’t begin with the sign of the cross, nor does it end with the blessing. This is in fact because it is part of the Easter Triduum celebration. Since the Mass of the Lord’s supper on Holy Thursday doesn’t end with the dismissal or blessing, the Good Friday service is a continuation of what began on Holy Thursday. Since the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the representation of the last supper, crucifixion and resurrection all in one, the Easter Triduum takes those three characteristics and separates them into 3 unique yet combined liturgies.