Single-Life as a Vocation

I have a question…Does anyone have any good resources–books, in particular on how to make the single life as a vocation?

I have always had a desire to seek the religious life, but due to some obstacles I am beginning to see that may not be the case and would like to know more about the call to single life?

Thank you. God Bless you all.

Here is something useful I found just by doing a google search.

Most of the search brought up similar comments. The important thing to notice is that the single person lives for others in the same way consecrated people do (religious, hermits, virgins, widows, priests, deacons). A single life needs to be focused on serving the Church. Many single people make private vows or promises and follow a simple rule of life, etc. Otherwise such a state can be very harmful spiritually and end up bearing no fruit.

Many singles become oblates or third order members. This gives them guidance, support, and accountability.

I hope this helps.

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A good book: “…And You Are Christ’s”: The Charism of Virginity and the Celibate Life by Thomas Dubay, S.M., Ignatius, 1987, available (for a time it wasn’t). The single life obviously implies celibacy, which is not a topic well understood in today’s culture characterized by “erotomania”. Are you a man? Dubay has this to say: “A man sees consecrated celibacy somewhat differently. His attraction centers on the towering and virile figure of Christ as one normal man is drawn, with not the least erotic overtones, to another extraordinary man–but immeasurably more so, for this extraordinary man is also the very Son of God. When the male responds fully to his celibate gift and thus begins to grow in a total, burning love for Christ, he sees himself not, obviously, as a bride, but as an intimate friend and brother.” Preface, p. 9.

One problem I would be on the lookout for if I were a spiritual guide, which I notice in some sense within myself, is that while I am single, I can think of giving myself to God, but on the other hand I know that while I have not consecrated that gift, I can always change my mind. This leads to a kind of waffling, that may be inferior to doing one or the other.

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Try this book: The Mystery of Love for the Single By: Fr. Dominic J. Unger OFM Cap