Does anyone here have a church approved list of sins we can read over to give us ideas of what is and isn’t a veneil (sp) sins and what are mortal sins before we go to confession?

There is no clear cut list because the knowledge and intent of the penitent at the time the act was committed has so much to do with whether an action was a mortal or venial sin.

Here is a very good help in examining your conscience. However, it does not indicate the gravity of the sin (except in a general way for the 6th commandment).
(The website is a trustworthy one.)

Also, here is a link to the USCCB website which provides several different examinations of conscience.

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I got this off of wikipedia a long time ago:

The Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) defines these sins as grave matter:
(This is not necessarily ‘‘all’’ of the possible grave matters.)

  • Abortion (CCC 2272)
  • Adulation of another’s grave faults if it makes one an accomplice in another’s vices or grave sins (CCC 2480)
  • Adultery (When two partners, of whom at least one is married to another party, have sexual relations - even transient ones - they commit adultery. (CCC 2380)
  • Blasphemy (uttering of hatred, reproach, defiance or speaking ill of God, the Church, the saints or sacred things) (CCC 2148)
  • Defrauding a worker of his wages [withholds and impedes his ability to sustain basic needs for himself and his family]“A just wage is the legitimate fruit of work. To refuse or withhold it can be a grave injustice.” -Catechism of the Catholic Church, no. 2434 (CCC 2434)
  • Deliberate failure of the Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation obligation (that’s when you don’t go to Mass on Sunday or Holy Day of Obligation obligation) (CCC 2181)
  • Divination, magic, and sorcery (CCC 2117)
  • Divorce (except for a spouse who is the innocent victim of a divorce and did not try to get the divorce himself or herself) (CCC 2384-2386)
  • Drug Abuse (CCC 2290 & 2291)
  • Endangering their own and others’ safety by drunkenness or a love of speed at sea, on the road, or in the air (CCC 2290)
  • Envy ("It refers to the sadness at the sight of another’s goods and the immoderate desire to acquire them for oneself, even unjustly. When it wishes grave harm to a neighbor it is a mortal sin:"refCatechism of the Catholic Church, no. 2539/ref) (CCC 2539)
  • Euthanasia (CCC 2277)
  • Extreme Anger when at the point of desiring to gravely harm or kill someone (CCC 2302)
  • False witness and perjury [False witness is a public statement in court contrary to the truth. Perjury is false witness under oath. They condemn the innocent, exonerate the guilty or increase punishment of the accused. They contradict justice.] (CCC 2152 & 2476)
  • Fornication (intercourse with someone other than spouse) (CCC 2353)
  • Gluttony (a disordered passion for worldly appetites, e.j. excessive love for food, when it endangers their own or others’ safety.) (CCC 2291)
  • Hatred of a neighbor/to deliberately desire him or her great harm (CCC 2303)
  • Homosexual acts (CCC 2357)
  • Incest (CCC 2388)
  • Lying ("The gravity of a lie is measured against the nature of the truth it deforms, the circumstances, the intentions of the one who lies, and the harm suffered by its victims. If a lie in itself only constitutes a venial sin, it becomes mortal when it does grave injury to the virtues of justice and charity."refCatechism of the Catholic Church no. 2482/ref) (CCC 2482)
  • Masturbation (CCC 2352)
  • Murder (intentional homicide) (CCC 2268)
  • Perjury and False Oaths (taking an oath in the name of the Lord and failing to keep it, or breaking the oath at a later date) (CCC 2163)
  • Pornography (CCC 2354)
  • Prostitution (CCC 2355)
  • Rape (CCC 2356)
  • Rich nation’s refusal to aid those which are unable to ensure the means of their development by themselves (CCC 2439)
  • Sacrilege (profaning or treating unworthily the sacraments and liturgical actions of the Church as well as things consecrated to God) (CCC 2120)
  • Scandal (an attitude or behavior that leads another to do grave sins) (CCC 2284)
  • Suicide (CCC 2281)
  • Terrorism that threatens, wounds and kills indiscriminately (CCC 2297)
  • Unfair wagers and cheating at games (theft)(These are not mortal if the damage inflicted is so small that one who suffers it cannot reasonably consider it significant) (CCC 2413 & 2434)"

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