Sister Vassa (Larin) on Divine Liturgy and History

Talk given by Sister Vassa (Larin) on Divine Liturgy and History at St Nicholas Cathedral in Washington DC June 16, 2012. “Why study the history of the Liturgy?”

I’m a HUGE fan of Sr. Dr. Vassa. :heart: She’s brilliant and often hilarious, not unlike her mentor Fr Taft :slight_smile:

I agree with what we say “The Liturgy* is* the catechesis”, but it is not the only catechesis as this so clearly shows, as does also the excellent series Fr Hopko is doing on AFR Worship in Spirit and Truth.

Her very interesting presentation, Plenary Four, at the Orientale Lumen Conference 2011 “Rome and the Communion of Churches: Bishop, Patriarch or Pope?” is on Ancient Faith Radio, with the other plenary sessions.

Thanks, for providing another resource on the Liturgy. I’m reading through Alexander Schemman’s book on using the Liturgy as catechesis. I find his points very refreshing.

Another plug for the content on Ancient Faith Radio! I’ve been gaining a lot of interesting pieces of insight, via the providers they have on the podcasts/streams.

Now uploaded on Ancient Faith Radio her presentation at the Orientale Lumen XVI Conference. :thumbsup: Also, the presentation by Fr. Taft and all the other presenters. :slight_smile: