Smelling roses & Mary's presence

I was told that if you smell roses & there is no logical reason for this (i.e. roses nearby, somebody wearing rose perfume, etc.) then that means Our Blessed Mother is present. What have you hear of this & has this happened to you?

Yes, I have also heard this. And I have experienced it. On our honeymoon, we visited a mission in Arizona. There was a special chapel that stands alone on a path from the main Church. It was for the Blessed Mother and there were lots of candles burning in there and tons of religious articles and pictures, etc. that people had left at the feet of the statue of the Virgin Mary in the center. When we walked in, there was just the normal smell of burning candles. While we looked around and prayed, we started to notice a strong rose smell. We searched all over that chapel for the source, but found nothing. The scent was beautiful and extremely noticeable. My husband remembered hearing that a smell of roses indicates the presence of Mary. We felt truly blessed and have always seen this experience as God’s way of blessing our union. We have encountered this only one or two more times over the past 7 years, but that was the most distinct and memorable occasion. I will never forget it! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

IF genuine, it is a sign.

I have been blessed with a rose petal, which I believe was sent from Our Lady to me.

This past spring, my church hosted a visit of Our Lady of Fatima statue, which travels around the country. I went to Adoration for 2 days in the presence of the statue. I was simply awestruck by Her beauty.

At that point in my life, I had been experiencing terrible trials and sobbed while at Adoration. But was not sobbing for my self because I was not sad. I felt like I was sobbing for Her pain - for the need for conversions and lost souls. The night before Her statue looked so peaceful and beautiful. On this day, however, I saw pain in Her face. It was odd.

When I typically attend Adoration, I like to meditate at the picture of Divine Mercy. It is located in a very quiet corner of church. The day after the statue left, I returned to Adoration and found a fresh rose petal beneath the picture of Divine Mercy. There were no other roses in church. I knew it was for me. I had the deep sense that Mary was telling me she had heard my prayers and loved me.

The petal is saved in my favorite psalm in my bible and my boys love flipping to that page to see the petal.

God does send us signs so that our faith will grow.On the other hand the enemy comes in and puts doubt in our minds and trys to steal Gods blessings. Dont let the enemy steal the blessings. :eek: Yes, I also have recieved the smell of roses. Thank you Jesus for the glimpses [smell] of heaven. :wink:

I too experienced the scent of roses. It happened 11 years ago. It brought about my conversion.

It was so awsome! That I could not even speak of it to anyone for months.

I was so ignorant about my faith, that I didn’t even know what it truely meant. But it impacted me so much that I KNEW it was something supernatural. And so that meant God was real! And that he cared about me even though I didn’t really care about Him at the time.

This goes to show how the Mother always points us to her Son.


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Simply beautiful.

the last time i was praying, my spouse came up behind me, when all of a sudden i remembered a chore that i had promised to do…

the only thing i could smell was… trouble :eek:

I have heard of the smelling Roses deal, but never met anyone who has had that experience…

little spooky to me… :rolleyes:

hmm, spooky… right up my alley :thumbsup:

Love the stories! Thanks for your replies.

My experience was in an odd place. My sister is a convert to the Episcopalian church. When we go visit her we always go to a nearby Catholic church while she attends her service.

The last time we went my family attended mass then I accompanied her to her service. It is a very small congregation & I kept smelling roses. I looked around and there were no flowers to be seen.

There was one older lady in front of me & my sister next to me and no one else for several pews. I assumed the overpowering scent was from the lady in front; my sister doesn’t like floral scents at all. After the service I told the lady I liked her perfume to which she replied, “I didn’t have time to put any perfume on today.”

Later, on the way back to her house my sister expressed her gratitude to me in accompanying her. She was so grateful; it surprised me how important this show of sisterly unity was. I truly believe Our Lady was blessing this attempt to maintain some form of spiritual connection.

Dear Servant,
I believe you have been blessed by Our Lady!

We are so fortunate that Christ gave us His mother to be our mother also.

A wonderful elderly woman at my parish has a deep devotion to Mary and is constantly in church praying. One Sunday she was showing me one of her rosaries, and she said that sometimes when she prays with that particular rosary (it was a special gift), she smells roses. No, it is not one of those rosaries with beads made from rose petals – I checked (I have two rosaries with rose-petal beads). And I could not smell the roses myself. My son spoke with her later and he COULD smell them.


I experienced the scent of roses twice after extremly humble confessions…

It happend after I left the Confessional only I didn’t realize what was happening until I said to my friend, who had been with me after an “Evening of Recollection” and she was dropping off at home…“What a beautful evening wasn’t it…I can still smell the scent of Father’s aftershave…to which she replied, he doesn’t wear it”.
And once after I went down for refreshments…I smelled it in a small room where that had been 3 ladies I didn’t know and one I did know…I asked her if she could smell the roses and she said no. So super slooth that I am walked up to each of the women at coffee table and sniffed each one…non of them had on perfume… so …?

When the Blessed Mother appeared to St. Juan Diego in 1531 as Our Lady of Guadalupe, she had him gather roses as a sign, to convince the bishop that she was who she claimed to be. Even though it was December, roses were blooming on the hilltop. More miraculously, they were a kind of rose that (at that point) only grew in Spain.

Ever since then, roses have played a role in many Marian apparitions.

Dear Friends,

I have also experienced this, the smell of roses, that is our Lady who is reminding of us of her presence and her son’s presence.

I also had the privelege of holding a piece of Padre Pio’s glove that he wore over his wounds, after I held it, my whole hand smelled like roses and the glove continously exudes the smell of roses.

God Bless,

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Wow, I never heard this about Padre Pio’s glove. I really think he is the most fascinating figure in recent church history. I am always amazed by stories about him. My husband’s grandfather actually got to see him in person! Personally, though, I would be scared to know the state of my soul, so it’s probably good that I never got to meet him! :rolleyes:

We had this blessing shortly before we attended the mass of our daughter’s (Rose Philomena) baptism. She was born March 25th and baptised Divine Mercy Sunday.:love:

It was a beautiful blessing.

It is a beautiful blessing from heaven, isn’t it? I enjoy reading about all the accounts which have been posted here. Thanks for posting!

My mother was at my house and we were talking about Mary. When she was leavin, I walked her out and when we stepped outside, there was a strong beautiful smell of roses! We couldn’t believe it because my whole front yard is nothing but gravel. A few days later I was told that Mary leaves a smell of roses…I had no idea; and were not even catholic! well much love and respect to Mary anyway…


Yes! The most memorable time was when my teenage daughter, who had misbehaved recently, was praying before mass. After she finished she asked me if I smelled roses! I hadn’t, but she had!

On another note, my son, only 4 or 5 at the time, had gone to our parish to get some Holy Water. We prayed in the chapel while we were inside and said a special prayer to the Blessed Mother. We were in there less than 5 minutes and were the only ones there. When we left, there was a perfect rose laying on the walkway as we walked back to the car! We picked it up and took it back into the chapel and left it there before our Blessed Mother.

On another note, I knew a young lady who was Muslim and she said that floral scents in her religion was an indication of an angel.