Soul trying to leave body

Sometimes, I feel my soul trying to leave my body… is this demonic??

You have to be more specific on that. When does it happen? Does it happen during prayer? After prayer? while sleeping? etc. What do you mean with that? How does it feel? Do you feel like you are dying or something alike?

See, the soul is not a physical thing that occupies a place in space, nor it actually occupies a place in time, so it is not literally inside your body. However, your body is being animated by your immaterial and spiritual soul and they both share a symbiotic union, meaning that you are both your soul AND body (you don’t have a soul “inside your body” nor you are a soul “inside a body”, you are both).

The only time the soul ever leaves the body, that is, when the union between body and soul is broken, is only at death. After death, there is no coming back (unless it’s a miracle of God). Even if you bilocate or go spiritually to a far away place, your soul never leaves your body.

Also, of course that after death, we await resurrection of the flesh if we die in grace, so of course that our soul will return to our body, but glorified and perfect, but by any natural means, there’s no coming back after death.

Oh, also, maybe you could ask a priest about this if you are very concerned about this phenomenon of feeling like your soul trying to leave your body.

  1. I was laying in bed standing still not moving an inch then I felt my soul leaving my body
  2. I woke up in the middle of the night and felt uncomfortable, I felt my soul on top of me, it was weird

My friend, considering this and your other thread about new age things, I have two suggestions. First, see a priest to talk about your worries. Second, stop reading new age things. It’s a bunch of garbage that does not deserve your time. Instead, read the Bible, and Christian books. Pursue your interest in Catholicism. I’m sure we could get a list going of books you could read about the Church. :slight_smile:

  1. What does your soul leaving your body supposedly feel like?

  2. That is a phenomenon called sleep paralysis. When you sleep, your body paralyzes itself to protect it from moving around when you are dreaming (or in general, just during sleep). Sometimes the body is still paralyzed after suddenly waking up in the middle of the night. The feeling of your paralyzed body (dead weight) feels like something is either holding you down, or that something is on top of you. This can cause most people to panic. And it can sometimes be accompanied by hallucinations as part of the brain is still in a ‘dream’ state.

You can read more about this online.

Also, I’m pretty sure that your soul cannot leave your body until you die.

Oh:) I am long gone with new age already!! The only thing I am scared of is astral projection… I don’t care if it’s real or in your head, I do not want to experience it!

Even if astral projection is true (not established) it cannot happen without the will of God, so do not worry about it.

Your soul CANNOT “leave your body” without you being dead, unless by some Divine purpose.


I hate correcting people, it’s not me :frowning: but it wasn’t sleep paralysis, I was moving around and didn’t see any scary figures, etc. i don’t know but maybe it was a different kind of hallucination:thumbsup:

Well, whatever it is, the best thing you can do to fight it back is:

  1. In case it really is a supernatural phenomenom, receive the Holy Communion every time you can, don’t miss a chance to receive Jesus Eucharist each time you attend Mass. If you can go to Mass during the week, then do it.

  2. When it happens, don’t be afraid, don’t panic, calm down and pray.

  3. If it still concerns you much, seek for spiritual guidance. Tell a priest about it.

Can’t say if it’s demonic, or just a psicological suggestion, or a natural phenomenom, but don’t worry about it much.

You said in your previous post that you weren’t moving in part 1, and you said nothing about moving or not in part 2. And hallucinations are not just about scary figures. Most people are just scared by the fact that they can’t move and feel pressure.

But as I said at the end, your soul cannot leave your body until you die. If not a hallucination or whatnot, it could be another spirit of some kind.

ah, I see what you’re saying, it could have been a demon!!! :frowning: and with part 1, it wasn’t that I could not move, I made myself not move because I wanted to achieve lucid dreaming, sorry it was unclear. also, with part 2 you are right. sorry about that :stuck_out_tongue: silly me

I am not a doctor, but I would suggest, if you hallucinate, seeing a doctor to discuss such things. There’s nothing wrong with getting medical help for such a thing. You could ask a local priest to recommend one, perhaps.

Try to see a priest and talk to him about these things. They are more qualified than we are to answer this sort of question. Also, if you’re hallucinating I’d strongly recommend seeing a doctor like another poster said. Also, trust in God and keep praying the Rosary.

Were you taking drugs? Like, even cold medicine can make people loopy. If you weren’t taking anything, I think I would get me a doctor’s appointment.

I can’t remember but I will take a guess; no, I was not taking drugs [as in medicine]

For our soul to leave our body we have to die…if you feel like that is happening maybe you should see a doctor and psychologist to rule out all possibilities

I think I know what you mean ‘everythingisicon’. Sometimes when i’m in bed with my eyes closed, not even close to fall asleep sometimes I feel like the room is turned in some way and I don’t know ‘where’ exactly I am, almost feels like floating. This happens mostly when i’m praying, it even happened once when I was in the chapel of a church sitting on a chair, with of a statue of Mary in the room, I was praying to Jesus. I had my eyes closed, and I couldn’t feel anymore where above or beneath was. Felt like floating.

“Astral projection” was popular long before “new age” stuff. I tried it once when I was young. I guess you could say it “worked” because I actually felt myself lifting out of my body; HOWEVER, I believe it is just a form of self-hypnosis. No demons or any of that stuff. Someone or something can’t make you “project”. You do it to yourself. As far a I’m concerned, I did not like the feeling and never did it again. Don’t worry. And like others here have said, your soul does not leave your body until death.

I am confused every thing is con …

You seem to be contradicting yourself here ?

I think you’re imagining things.