Spiritual vs Physical goods

Are spiritual goods better than physical goods? And if they are then why should we pursue physical goods?

I do think that spiritual ones are better than physical ones and yet sometimes I get confused by this idea since physical goods (like bodily life) are also spiritual goods (because bodily life is opposed to suicide). But then again there are things that would be even better (by my reckoning) in things even more spiritual (like praying or reading theology).


I can tell you that Spiritual Goods are more conducive for the Spiritual Person. What good, that is physical ones, would help a Spiritual Person?

A person who has died would need spiritual goods, etc.

If I am reading you write, phnysical Goods CAN ALSO HELP A FAMILY IN NEED OF FOOD, ETC OR A EAR TO LISTEN TO.




Both have their purpose. The Spiritual helps the soul while the physical help our bodies. God created us with body and soul. Thats like asking if food is better than drink. They both serve a purpose and are essential. However we should keep both the body and the soul in check as both can lead us to sin. So we need to continue to provide both spirit and body with goods as we were given both body and spirit to tend to by God.

You hit it on the nose in your second paragraph. Spiritual goods are better for us, but sometimes having a physical good IS a spiritual good.

Here’s the bottom line: physical goods only become bad when we allow them to replace God. When we become attached to physical goods, then they cease to become a good, but rather an evil as they drive us away from God.