Still need wedding help

so a while ago, i posted about an invatation to a wedding of a nonchristian teammate who is getting remarried.

now before you answer this. please know that i am not trying to bbe argumentative, uncharitable or anything of the sort. i am sincerely trying to understand what to do to be right with God in this matter. i have prayed and prayed and i’m still stuck.

many people, have just told me to go and not worry about it and that i am not sinning. i want to know why that is? how am i not sinning if i participate in something that is a sin against God? what if i had asked about a homosexual wedding or an abortion that someone wanted me to accompany them? i bet the answers would have been very different. what’s the difference with something like this?

and also, this has nothing to do with a sacramental wedding. it has to do with the validity of the wedding. remarriage is adultery, according to Jesus, whether you’re christian or not. sure, we don’t actually know if the wedding is valid without doing a full investigation, but shouldn’t we be on the safe side instead of not?

and people tell me to use my prudential judgment, which i don’t really even understands what that means and honestly, i don’t trust my judgment very much. i have a tendency to be able to find ways out of things. please, i hope you understand that i just don’t want to do anything to upset God.

If your conscience bothers you about it, then don’t go.

We understand that a valid Christian marriage is indissoluble, but there is no way to know if her first marriage was a valid Christian marriage. If she is non-Christian, it is very possible that her second marriage is a valid natural marriage. Therefore, a Christian can give the benefit of doubt and attend such a marriage without grave scandal. That could never be the case with a same sex “marriage,” or, certainly, assisting with an abortion.

A second marriage is a sin for us as Catholics, but this is due to it being against the teachings of Jesus. It may very well not be a sin for protestants that do not have the fullness of our Faith.
It is up to your conscience in the long term, but I do not think in this day and age you would be a cause of scandal in attending.

A second marriage isn’t necessarily a sin for Catholics. If both parties are widowed, or have an annulment, then they can get married. Otherwise, it would be.

I agree with Paulfromiowa. Using your prudential judgment means if your conscious is telling you no, then you shouldn’t go. From reading tour post seems like you have a lot of reservations with regard to attending this ceremony. Something inside you is telling you is not right to go. Then you shouldn’t go.