Stolen Mojave Desert cross turns up in N Calif

Weird. So who left it and the note I wonder?

It’s a miracle. This cross knew where more people were that needed to hear the truth!

I love Half Moon Bay. It’s a little more conservative than the wildest parts of San Francisco
– sort of nice in a hippy sort of way. I do remember a business getting burned down there a few years back with spray painting left at the scene indicating that some folks preferred “nature” or opposed “capitalism” or some such sentiment.

Don’t know if they ever caught those arsonists. But I’m glad they found this cross.

Our Lady of the Pillar is a nice strong Catholic community in that town. You can hike through a Redwood Forest just outside of town, the surf spot Mavericks is right there, as is a harbor and its a windy little jaunt through the fog to San Francisco or San Jose.

If the cross goes back to the Mojave … I hope “Our Lady of the Pillar” puts up a replica
in town to record the history of this cross’ exodus to the town. :slight_smile:

hmm… it wasn’t really found in the town, though. It was found on Skyline Boulevard, which travels along an unpopulated ridge located between San Mateo and Half Moon Bay. Arguably, the town of Highlands-Baywood Park, CA is located closer to where the cross was found.

But I am glad the cross was found. It was the center of a political/legal/cultural controversy, which is likely the reason it was stolen. Earlier this year, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California approved a land swap which would remove Sunrise Rock, the original location of the cross, from Mojave National Preserve. This deal will remove the legal obstacles to the cross memorial being re-created.