Story: "Russia plans massive Jesus statue on site previously reserved for Lenin." Would be as big as Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio

Their desire is “to put up a statue of Jesus Christ as a protector of our Russia from the east.”


That would be neat. Let’s hope the plans go through.


The West needs to follow Russia’s lead.

I believe Russia received graces from the hand of Our Blessed Lady because of the various consecrations to the Immaculate Heart. Imagine what would happen if another consecration explicitly mentioning “Russia” was performed? I think we’d see Russian Orthodox unite with Rome.


Praying that this actually happens.


I’ll believe that when I see it…not before

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That’s great.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but ain’t the Orthodox hostile towards non-icon images?

Statues are not banned in the EO Church, they are just not as common as in the West.

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…hooray for them…

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I’m all for it.

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UUURAAAAHHHH!!! May God Bless Holy Russia and Putin, President of all the Russias!

That is great, but I would chip in a few bucks to see Jesus casting a hopeful eye at the Kremlin.

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Sounds great. A great testament to how things can change from what a few years go would have been hopeless to have done this.

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