Story: Woman, who isn't a Catholic, has a dream in which the Virgin Mary talks to her

She told him she had heard from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

“I told her, ‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’” recalled Edmonston, a faithful Catholic but also a veteran journalist not easily given to mystical ventures.

Lucy told him he probably would not believe her, but she had had a dream in which Mary asked her to buy roses, sell them and give the funds to the Father Taaffe homes in Salem.

After a pause caused by utter shock, the best Edmonston could muster was a skeptical, “Oh yeah?”

Lucy was not Catholic when she had the dream and had no idea who Father Taaffe was…


My grand daughter asked a non Catholic friend to mass one Sunday. Long story short, He passed out at mass. An experience that supposedly only happened to him one other time only in a purely secular setting. THIS time it was during mass. When he regained consciousness, he remained quiet till mass ended… After mass he said to my grand daughter, that he saw Mary while unconscious… He is now coming to mass every Sunday, AND when he told his grand parents who he lives with the story, it was sooooo convincing, THEY are coming to mass also.


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