Strange question!

I have erotic dreams. I cheat on my wife etc. Serioisly,this is not as dumb a question as you might imagine.
That’s me in that dream. However, to give myself some credit, sometimes my dream personality does things that my reality based personality would never do. For example, running into battle against impossible odds.
However, the outward circumstances (if it is a dream or not) have nothing to do with what is in my heart.
I take this issue very seriously, however being me I cannot help making a joke. A cartoon I saw was of a man waking up with his wife. He tells her,“In my dream, I robbed a bank. " His wife says,” go back to sleep and give yourself up.Its only right.":slight_smile:

There are numerous reasons people could have strange dreams from some hormonal imbalance that day to something you ate, to news you just heard or just working out some anxiety in a weird way. The mind is such a complex thing.If you have the same dream over and over for months maybe there is something your trying to work out but just can’t face in reality yet.I like your wife’s sense of humor; got to have one.:slight_smile:

I recently had a dream in which I was Harry Potter and I had to fight Bane (most recent Batman villain) instead of Voldemort. While I thought it was worth the laugh I got out of the dream, I realize that it is not much more than that: a dream.

While it is possible that dreams can have predictive power, I think most dreams can be safely ignored, particularly ones in which we do things contrary to our nature.

Most recent batman villain? Bane has been around decades.

First let me say that what I am about to say is not in any way blasphemous. I woke up laughing and told my wife," “I just told myself a joke that I had never heard before!”
In the dream,I was watching a TV commercial. Jesus filled the screen. The announcer said,“what would Jesus do?” (wwjd). Jesus then takes a drag on a cigarette. And the announcer says,“Jesus would smoke camels”!:slight_smile:
My interpretation of the dream is that my subconscious was commenting on how Christ’s message has been co-opted for mundane commercial desires. Like my car that I purchased from “Decan Jones”. What does a car dealership have to do with the savior? :wink:

It was just a dream. God Bless!

Dreams can be serious (although I don’t know that yours are.) I am a 16 year old girl who has had a number of really scary dreams. Like I dreamed that I was casting a spell in one dream. I woke up remembering the words and the spell works.
So, an Baptist youth leader told me that dreams can either come from 1. God 2. yourself .3. .evil spirits. (I don’t know what Catholics believe about dreams, but I’ll agree with that youth leader until someone tells me a better idea.) Also, once when I was little, I was crying to my Mom (a Lutheran) about a scary dream, and she said, “Whenever that happens, pray.”
So, I don’t know if this really applies to your situation but I have taught myself to pray in my dreams. I begin reciting prayers anytime I sense evil in a dream. It has helped. And every night before bed, I pray that God will “keep me safe through the night.” I haven’t had a dream of the sort in almost a year.
It sounds like your dreams are more likely coming from your body and mind, than coming from evil powers; but you might see if the praying idea helps.

Yes, I am a Unitarian. However,trinity vs the unity of God seems superfluous to me to loving God. Anyway, think of the joke I told myself that I had never heard before as a humble metaphor for the trinity. God can be the father and son (actor in the dream and script writer without knowing what the other is thinking). That explains how Jesus can say,“my God,my GOD,why hast thou forsaken me.” And still be one with the father. Like (with a totally humble metaphor ) I can be the actor in my dream without knowing the plot,that I wrote.

Sometimes dreams are messages from the subconscious.

I came in here expecting a question :stuck_out_tongue:

If you really take this issue very seriously you should tell your wife you dream you are cheating with other women - and risk being told: “Go back to sleep and promise to buy me a diamond necklace. It’s only right.” :wink:

Very cool and ironically perceptive answer!

I talked to local Nun’s about this subject not so long ago. This actually forms part of confession, although its subconscious because you are dreaming it will still come under Sin. This is nothing to worry about just go to confession and admit and repent your sins :slight_smile: hope this helps.

Dreams aren’t sinful in anyway. Your subconscious is not governed by your will, so it cannot sin on your behalf.

whats the question?

Only people born during the Holy Triduum can read that part of the original post, and I’m not telling.:stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me!

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Does your subconscious (that which you believe but are not currently thinking) have anything to do with who you are?

I probably should have italicized Batman; I meant that as, “the villain in the most recent Batman movie.”

Firstly that isn’t an accurate description of the subconscious; a better one would be the following.

Secondly, of course it is a part of me. My concupiscence is also; So what?