Sunday "a day of rest"

I need a little help with this one. My wife and i are confused on what to do with the kids sporting events and practices that fall on a Sunday. Do we let the kids play their games but not their practices? or do we say no to both? or do we say yes to both as long as they don’t interfere with Mass and PSR ? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you and God bless :smiley:

Our son played soccer, then Y league football and now Jr High football - and we never had a practice or game on Sunday. I think I would not do practice on Sunday, and tolerate the occasional game… Have you talked to the folks organizing these things?

Recreation and revitalization are considered good activities for Sundays. Only one season did we have soccer practice on Sundays. It was little kids and the only practice of the week. It was late afternoon so it did not conflict with Mass or CCE. My kids have also competed in swimming where meets typically span Fri - Sun. We never miss Mass because of sports and while my husband and I often split up for Sat. games/meets, we try to go as a family when it is on a Sun.

The prohibition is against servile work on Sundays. Since for kids anyway, sporting events are staffed by volunteers, attendance at games doesn’t involve even cooperating with someone else’s work. Volunteering is a good activity for Sundays too. :slight_smile:

I agree.

For me at least, sports are fun, so that makes them kind of relaxing. And what is better for the day of rest than something relaxing!

Say yes, as long as it does not interfere with mass.

A while ago, I also wondered the same thing. I did some reading on it, and as long as you still go to Mass, and have a family day with no servile work, there is nothing wrong with sports activities on Sundays. When they are scheduled for the same time as Sunday Mass, you can always fulfill your Sunday obligation on Saturday night.

I’m trying really hard to remember to curb my Sunday activities and chores. It’s hard to do because of my work/kid schedule. But I know I’m better off by observing the day of rest, both physically and spiritually.

IMHO as long as GOD is first and the other things do not overshadow the intent to worship and keep the day holy, then it should be fine.

Where I live…Sundays are NEVER a day for school/sporting events. I guess that I’m not understanding why sporting events should even occur on Sundays when you have the rest of the week.

Honestly, I would question the individual who organizes the events.

I personally would not let my children be involved on Sundays.

Of course, I’m from the South…we don’t even mow our yards on Sunday! :wink: We drink sweet tea and sit on the front porch…grill steaks and visit with each other!

I think the true intent here is to be together on a Sunday. Nowadays Sundays are ususally the only day that everyone has off. So if both parents can be together with the kids at a practice or a game, I think it’s wonderful.

Sometimes at work, I hear a co-worker and her husband (by phone) trying to figure out who’s “turn” it is to go to thier children’s sporting events. Kind of sad actually.

So, enjoy your Sunday with your kids, at Mass, at practice, at games, etc. Kids? That’s an all day sporting event in itself! :stuck_out_tongue:

Mom or Dad, throw together a Crock Pot meal the night before or that morning so you can get out of cooking a big meal too!

Have fun!