Sunday Weddings?

Hi everyone- My wedding is scheduled for next year, it will be celebrated on a Sunday. We went with a Sunday because of the cost savings and availability. The wedding will be in Toronto, Canada. Although we booked the hall a few weeks ago, we now just started with the church process. Apparently the catholic church does not ALLOW weddings on Sunday’s. This is what some priests told me. I also contacted the bishop’s office, and they confirmed that. Is this a rule? I never heard of this before. I’m really stressed out right now and would hate to lose my deposit money, and start the process all over! Dont know what to do at this point… thanks for the help…

There are no Canon’s prohibiting a Marriage on a Sunday, but it has generally been against Chuch practice.

As such, it would be up to the Ordinary of the Diocese to allow or disallow.

As the Bishop’s office if you can be dispensed from any obligation. That would then allow you to seek a priest would would be willing and have the time.

( And I know there are conflicting issues here, but generally one books the Church first, and then finds a hall; or more commonly, finds what dates the Church has available and what dates local halls have, and seen what dates match up)

This would be a good example of why one STARTS with the “church process” before doing anything else. There is a trend of celebrating the Sacraments within the parish community at a regular parish Mass. A few places have tried this instead of the private wedding on Saturday. Speak with the pastor again and ask that the Sacrament of Marriage be celebrated with the whole parish at a Sunday Mass. Mention that Baptisms, First Holy Communion, and now even Confirmation in many places do take place at regular parish Sunday masses instead of separate special Masses or Saturday afternoon Baptisms, like they used too.

I’m getting married in the Catholic Church on the first Sunday of September this year. My fiance and I had no problem reserving this day, and I have friends who also had a Catholic wedding on a Sunday. That said, both my family and my fiance’s family thought it was a little strange since traditionally Catholic weddings have been on Saturday.

I agree with you guys, perhaps the church process needs to be taken care of first. However, we were under the impression it would not be a problem. Then later on, they said it would be. Reception halls are so difficult to book! That’s why we concentrated on that first, especially since we thought the church situation would not be problematic.

That was when I got married too!!! Fourteen years ago. It was the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and we wanted to go with Sunday to make it easier for those who were traveling.

I think it is by diocese but even if the diocese allows it, a given parish might not. Many parish have only one priest these days or are sharing a priest. Priests have a limit on number of Masses they can say in a day (rarely over 3). So this might be a factor too.

Synth, if you are not planning on a Mass, you might find a chapel, perhaps at a shrine or monestary that could still do the wedding on a Sunday. Good luck.

Investigate if the Bishop has prohibited this practice. If he has, there is little you can do, as no priest or deacon can disobey.

From you initial post, it sounds like such is the case. But see if you can get an dispensation\exemption

There is the issue about the limit of Masses a priest can say. If you are willing to get married outside of a Mass, that might make it easier.

A priest or deacon might be available (assuming the Bishop concurs)

IIRC, Sunday Wedding Masses are not absolutely forbidden by canon law, but they are discouraged. If a Wedding Mass is held on a Sunday, then the readings and everything are of the Sunday and not of a typical Wedding Mass.

Priests are usually quite busy on a Sunday. They typically celebrate two or more Masses in the morning, and may have to do other things as well (e.g., bring Communion to the sick).

A bishop would probably be within his rights to forbid Sunday Wedding Masses. It’s not the ideal day, liturgically speaking, for a wedding, and it’s not very convenient for priests.

Get married on Saturday, then dedicate this day, that you are sacramentaly united, to the Lord. Then have your reception the next day.

Congratulation and
God bless you.