Supreme Court Decision Upholding the Affordable Care Act Will Benefit Millions of Women, Planned Parenthood Says

“At Planned Parenthood, we know how important this law and this decision are for women and families, because we see the need for affordable health care every day. Women who come into Planned Parenthood health centers often struggle to balance paying for birth control and health services with paying for textbooks, groceries, or gas for the car. The Affordable Care Act will make those decisions easier for women across the country,” Richards said

And yet there are still some here who argue that Obamacare has nothing to do with abortions

Oh of course. Socialized medicine has nothing to do with pro-eugenics policies, of course not!

I read somewhere a few months ago, can’t remember where or if it was even true (maybe someone can verify it), that Catholic hospitals would close their doors before they would offer abortion services. Can you imagine the thousands of hospitals nation-wide that would shut down? Sounds like something this administration would like to see happen.

It will certainly benefit Planned Parenthood given the money they will rake in.

pp runs off of evil, and sin.

Not if you are a vulnerable baby GIRL IN THE WOMB!

If they don’t shut down, then they’ll be fined. I don’t think we Americans realize how easy we have it. I personally would like to see Catholics actually standing up to the government for our faith, and getting arrested. I know that’s probably wrong of me to think, but I honestly would rejoice over Catholics being imprisoned for our faith. Do you know what kind of message that would send to everyone else out there? We can’t just sit by while the government stomps all over us and mushes us into their unmoral zombies that the rest of the nation is becoming! If this is the true war of faith, then I want to see our soldiers going out there and FIGHTING.
Give me your opinions. :slight_smile:

Volunteer yourself first before you ask others to do something you have not yet done.

Those supporting Obamacare have found themselves in good company:rolleyes:

Why does the abortion industry likes ObamaTax? Because they could get nearly $1 billion a year in premiums

It won’t happen. They’ll just secularize, which many have already done, de facto.

I honestly consider it to be one of the greatest honors out there to be a martyr for your faith. I realize now that the way I phrased that message, I didn’t put the perspective on myself like I was thinking it. Sorry! :blush:

Hey I totally agree with you. In my area, the Baptist university (Southern Baptist Foundation I believe) and the Catholic diocese joined forces to sue the White House. Obamneycare isn’t very popular at all around here, except for people who don’t understand what a socialist system means for them, …or the generations of welfare recipients that believe that it’s completely normal for the gov’t to take care of you from cradle to grave. Then, of course, there’s also the idiots who say you’re racist for disagreeing with the mandate and their lord and savior Obama.