SWS: Only 38% of Filipinos attend religious services weekly

This link isn’t working for me, but link or no link, these figures aren’t a good thing.

Here’s another link with the same information:

You’d think those figures would be much higher. I was honestly surprised.

[Edited to remove observations that could be interpreted malignantly. These statistics, which closely mirror those in the United States, just go to show that there are problems in the Church everywhere, just different problems in different places. We are all sinners. I know I am.]

66 pct in 1991:

For other religions, the highest is among Muslims, around 98 pct as of 2017, and 67 pct for other Christians.

I think for some Christian groups the number is also high because attendance is mandatory.

Are you counting Catholics among those Christians for whom attendance is “mandatory”?

I do know that in some of the more “mainline” historical Protestant denominations, regular weekly church attendance is very, very low, and while it might be seen as unfortunate, for a member to show up only at Christmas and Easter, or even sporadically throughout the year, there is no thought of their having sinned by not showing up every week.

While there is a canonical Sunday/HDO Mass obligation (a most unfortunate word), there are many common-sense exceptions, such as being sick or contagious, having family members who need care, being forced to work by one’s employer, being a great distance from any church, and so on. Good rule of thumb, if you are too sick to go to work or to school, you’re too sick to go to Mass.

The group that did the study showed that it refers to Catholics. For other Christian groups, attendance is higher: around 60 percent. For Muslims, over 70.

The numbers for Catholics started going down around three decades ago, and then remained steady at 40 for the last two decades. The rates for those attending Mass monthly or a few times a year went up slightly. Those who never attended remained the same, and is low: less than 1 percent.

In short, the majority don’t attend weekly but attend once a month or every few months.