Symbols for the 7 Sacraments for RCIA

Okay, so tonight DH and I are giving a review lesson on the 7 Sacraments…I need symbols for the following sacraments:

Holy Orders (is it just oil?)
Holy Matrimony

I looked everything up in the Catechism, but some are more obvious than others (ie. Baptism - water, candle, etc.). I’m making flash cards for these and having them identify symbols to sacraments. I don’t want to be wrong on this :).

Baptism is of course water, Paschal candle, Oil of Catechumens.

Confirmation would be Sacred Chrism and a Bishop

Anointing of the Sick would be Oil of the Infirm and a purple stole

Reconciliation would be the purple stole and a crucifix

Marriage would be two rings and a card with the vows.

Holy Orders would be the Book of the Gospels, a Crucifix

Holy Communion would be a crucifix and a Host and Chalice

These would be the symbols for these Sacraments not specifically limited to the Matter used in them.

I’m trying to understand the question. Are you looking for the visible signs? If so, I’ll share what I know…

Baptism - water, oil
Confirmation - oil and the laying of hands by the Bishop
Eucharist - bread and wine
Reconciliation - the priest giving absolution
Matrimony - rings, vows… or on a radical note, the couple themselves exchanging vows
Holy Orders - the candidate kneeling and the laying of hands by the Bishop
Annointing of the sick - holy oil

I’m not completely sure with Holy Orders and Annointing of the sick though.
If these aren’t the answers you’re looking for then… I guess I don’t know the answer. :stuck_out_tongue:

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