Tampa Fl TLM and school

I am considering a move to the Tampa area, and must have access the TLM. I am also interested in a conservative Catholic school.

I have found St Anthony’s in San Antonio and Christ the King in Sarasota. CtK has no school, but does have a home school organization. St A’s has a school, but I do not know anything about it.

So, any feed back would be apreciated. I am open to any other ideas, too!

Hi Vitam,

I live in Brandon, FL…which is about a 20 minute drive outside of Tampa. I have been to St. Anthony’s Church in San Antonio. I go to Nativity which is about a 5 min. drive from where I live. I am home schooled and there are a lot of JMJ groups around here…I don’t go to them any more because I am a senior and have been to busy with work. The traffic around here is really bad…so don’t be surprised when you get here!!!