Tarot Cards?

Is the practice of Tarot Cards against the christian faith?
Ive heard many people explain that they are both a christian and a tarot card reader and that they ask God to guide them and bless them while they practice tarot cards.

This site is an example of Christian tarot cards.


So whats you opinion?

No. Christians should not do this. This is no way to communicate with God.
This is simply fortune telling in disguise.

Calling it Christian doesn’t make it so.

the use of tarot cards, and every superstitious practice or belief, is forbidden by the church,

the problem is, no matter what religion you follow or how much you seek Gods guidance, God is not going to give you any power or help whatsoever in the way of superstition or in something that He has forbidden, it would be bad for your soul, and it would be in direct disobedience to the church,
we must be obedient to the church even in things we do not fully understand, because the Holy Ghost guides the church, and we must trust that God knows what He’s doing, and if we decide on our own that it’s ok to do something that the church forbade, then we are basically saying we know better than the church or God, which is the sin of pride, and it is a mortal sin if we think we know better than God.

but the truth of it is, all those “powers” or whatever that people think they have, could very well be from the devil, or at least manipulated by the devil, so they can never be trusted, it’s just not worth it,
and what purpose would it serve to know something of your future on earth? the only future we should be concerned about is after this life, and no fortune telling or tarot cards are going to help you with that, quite the contrary, they will hurt your chances of getting to heaven, so it’s just not worth it.

well, to put it simply, the church teaches that we must trust in God alone, so tarot cards are a sin against the 1st commandment *“I am the Lord thy God; thou shalt not have strange gods before Me.” *
no matter how you look at it, trusting in any superstition is disobeying God and not trusting in Him.

ok, hope this helps, take care.

You could play cards with Tarot, but entrusting your future to an arrangement of cards seems the essence of superstition to me.

All divination is demonic. You are using/abusing a spirit to tell the future. Remember Satan himself is the ‘Father of Lies’ so how can the lesser demons be otherwise?

Utterly stupid & dangerous to seek demonic involvement in your life.

Burn the pack & read the Bible; both OT and NT forbid such practices.

But what if you pray and ask God to help you during this? cuz then technically your using Gods divination… i think…

Please don’t waste others’ time - it is obvious you want to do this evil thing.
You know it is a sin but you suggest a prayer to God will make it all right. Huh?

Ten Commandments don’t work like that. Certain things are wrong…period.
If you wish to do these things then be adult enough to admit* yes, it is a sin but I will
continue doing it.* Kids often behave like this at the cookie jar.

*'Sorry God, I must steal this money…hope you will forgive me…*LOL

Perhaps it’s time to grow up.

God is Divine, not a diviner. He is God, He is Infinite. You’re not technically using anything of God and His power is not in Tarot cards. His power is unleashed in your life when you have faith in Him. If you were meant to know the future He would gift you with that knowledge apart from Tarot cards, I Ching, your horoscope or anything else that the Church teaches is demonic.

Wasting others time? It is there choice to read/answer this. I am not wasting there time. I am looking for a straight answer, and i believe i have found it. I don’t really have any desire to do this, in all honesty telling the future from cards does not give the title as ‘Fun’ to me.
Now you are just coming to conclusions, you are judging, which would be rather nice if you didn’t. You came here and said im wasting others time, they are the ones who chose to respond, its not me wasting their time, but YOU wasting my time.

If you do not like my question then don’t respond, simply ignore.

Don’t be decieved.

There is nothing Christian about Tarot Cards. It is a tool of the Devil and another means by which a person places his or herself (or others) within reach of demonic oppression.

Any form of divination is a direct insult, abomination and blasphemy to God who alone knows the outcome of every possible contingency of future human activity.

Well, these threads on Tarot cards, Ouija boards, and divination I find puzzling. First off why would one question the dead about life. Secondly, why ask us what we think because if you “tell the future” why not ask about your future spiritual disposition?

     Reflecting on these things, regardless,  the mere fact you are asking these questions period  shows your position not to be one of  any certainty.  I agree your positon Punny Protestant doesn't sound like "fun."  It sounds like hell it self,  a hell you seem to want to fashion for yourself.

Further, it is evident that information thus obtained lacks something, What can it be/? Which reminds me of an old story that goes like this:

      The devil and his disciple were walking down a street.   They turned a corner and met a stranger that the disciple didn't know.   Surprisingly the devil walked up to the stranger and shook hands saying "Old friend I am happy to see you. The disciple after they resumed their walk asked "Who was that?"

      The devil said "Oh that was the Truth."   Even more surprised the disciple said "Is not the Truth your enemy."

     "No,  not at all. Not if  I can twist and distort it and put my spin on it. That is how I work I make others perceive the Truth to my advantage.  I didn't lie to Eve. She became as God knowing Good and evil.  I just didn't  tell her the  dire consequences.  I didn't tell her  that she would never be able to do anything good, in and of herself  alone separated from God once she took the proverbial bite" said the devil. 


You have already been given the answer by all posters.

It is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN. There is nothing Christian in this practice at all. Trying to dress it up and justify it by saying you can pray to God during a session means you are either simply naive or stupid!
How many people here do you want to tell you it is wrong before you believe it!!!

Going before the Lord in prayer is the surest way to have a relationship to Him, and be guided by His grace.

All forms of divination invite bad spirits into one’s life.

It’s a common strategy of practitioners of black magic and divination (both actual believers and con-artists) to wrap themselves in the cloak of Christianity.

From An Exorcist tells His Story by Fr. Gabriele Amorth

pg 60

Unfortunately, many fall victim to these individuals because these sorcerers are often women who are always seen in church, or because the room of the warlock is blanketed with crucifixes, portraits of saints, the Blessed Virgin, and portraits of Padre Pio. The victims are also often told, “I practice only white magic; if you asked me for black magic I would refuse.” In current terminology, white magic means to take away a spell; black magic means to cast a spell. In reality, as Father Candido never ceased to repeat , there are no such things as “white” and “black” magic; there is only black magic. Every form of magic is practiced with recourse to Satan. Therefore, the poor victim who went to the warlock with a minor evil influence (or probably without any influence) goes home with a true, full-blown one.

Many people search for their own understanding of spirituality. The messages from strangers on a bulletin board are sometimes food for thought, but not strongly convincing. Judging someone as naive or stupid for not believing a bulletin board is unfair.

Please be kind.

I don’t usually comment on topics like this - I also did not click the link provided - but the Bible devotes enormous attention to the dangers of contacting the netherworld. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I want to know the future - for example, will I be successful, will I go to a good university and what not - but is your soul that cheap that you put it on the line? Why contact the dead on behalf of the living?

Please think twice about whatever it is you are doing. Look up some of the terrifying “experiences” that some CAF users have experienced and maybe you’ll learn that the stakes are too high.

God bless you :),

Thank you,
**Eugen von Böhm-Bawerk